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Taking Care of Your Home When Living With a Pet

By IslaWright More Blogs by This Author

Dont be forced to choose between a clean home and your beloved petswith proper hygiene and cleaning habits, you can have both! If you just clean your pets, take good care of your home and practice a few of these tips, youll have your cake and eat it too! Lets see how you can have a pleasant home with living with pets.

Make sure pets are clean

Its very important to train your pet to be calm while you wash their paws. This is especially useful when the weather outside is wet and muddy. Doormats are also quite helpful, even if you cant train them to wipe their little paws. If you place a quality doormat outside your doors and a soft rug inside, these two will catch a lot of debris and dirt as your dog walks across them.

Every few days, make sure to brush your pet, especially during the profuse shedding periods. If you get them used to brushing while they are little, your dog will love the attention and gentle brushes. Its a lovely activity that will make your bond stronger and your house free of fur. If your dog gets really dirty, make sure to give them a bath or bring them to a groomer. Your pet needs to have at least one bath in three months to keep their skin protected and fur shiny.

Another important thing when it comes to your pets hygiene is their claws and nails. In order to limit hardwood floor damage, make sure to trim your pups nails and give your cat a proper toy to scratch and play with. Your upholstery and floors will be very grateful.

Vacuum regularly

No matter what kind of pet you have, even a short-haired dog or cat, you need to vacuum regularly. Besides hair, you can expect to find a lot of other dirt around the house that sticks to their fur and paws. Oftentimes, as soon as you finish vacuuming, you can start again. So, if you want to avoid slaving over the vacuum, you can get a rumba and let it clean your home automatically. It can run when youre at work, while youre taking a walk or sleeping. Another thing you need is a quality lint roller collector. Its perfect for taking care of everything from pillows and furniture to lampshades and your clothes.

Get rid of any unpleasant smells

Do you get hit with not-so-pleasant smells when you get home? The best thing you can do for your home is provide it with proper ventilation and let some clean air inside. Even when its snowing outside, you can spare 10 minutes of good ventilation. You can finish with a spray and light up a candle. Luckily, you can find amazing scented candles in many pleasant smells that will fill your home with natural aromas and relaxing and warm lighting. This is perfect as you snuggle with your pet in the evening. Just make sure to blow out your candle as you go to sleepyour pet can knock it off the table and cause a fire.

Protect certain areas

Your pet probably has their fave spot in the house for naps and chill-out sessions, so make sure to cover them with sheets. Every time you clean the house, just throw those sheets in the washer and replace with clean and fresh ones. This will protect your furniture and remove pet odors. Make sure their bedding and toys are regularly washed as well. Also, pay special attention to areas around their food and water bowl. Bits of food and saliva-mixed water can get everywhere, so place their bowls on a tray and clean the area every day.

Create a pet-cleaning area

Replace your console table and your coat hanger with something more practical. When you have a muddy dog, you dont want them anywhere near your lux furniture! If you have a laundry room, create a pet cleaning station there, but if you dont, you can repurpose your entrance. Grab a heavy-duty doormat and hang a shelf with dog towels, wet wipes and spray bottles for muddy paws and wet fur. Make sure to have a few treats as a reward if your pet behaves well while you clean them.

Stay on track with parasites

You definitely dont want a flea infestation in your home! So, make sure to avoid unnecessary flea baths, combing and spraying by staying on top of your pets flea control. Set up regular reminders on your phone so you never forget flea prevention and changing your pets flea and tick collar.

While it might be a little hard to get used to your new cleaning habits in the beginning, once you see how clean and lovely your home can be, youll never go back to your old ways. And your pet will be healthier and happier than ever, so its a true win-win situation!

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