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Swtor has several ways to level up. — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Swtor has several ways to level up.


Star Wars : The Old Republic has several ways to level up. The traditional strategy for soloing quests and content articles are the most popular one, and you can also PvP, group and do group content or you can grind Space Missions from a ship. This is a fantastic way to level all of which will award you with many of the best and fastest XP amongst gamers Its a lot like powerleveling yourself.You can use this technique of leveling each of the way to level 50, however you are about to miss out on the many content. So either make this happen on an alt if you wish to experience each of the content, or combine this strategy for leveling while using traditional way. Running a great deal of space missions is going to be quite tedious, however it is one in the fastest methods to level. This approach to leveling can also be good to mix with leveling through PvP.

If youre over a free to play account, youll eventually get to the credit cap of 200,000 credits. Any credits you cash in on beyond point which get stored in your escrow you dont lose them, however you cant access them and soon you subscribe. Dont worry though, you most likely wont even compare to this cap until level 40 or older.

Theres not only a lot to acquire with credits when you are leveling up I recommend saving your credits for later, either to get nice looking cosmetic items or useful unlocks. Due to their restrictions and credit cap, free-to-play players could only access several of the special legacy unlocks. These legacy unlocks need a specific legacy level while you play on any characters with your server, you contribute towards your shared legacy level. Legacy levels dont come quickly, especially for liberated to play players.

Now lets enter into the meat in this guide dealing using the stats in addition to their order worth addressing to the character choice you are about to make. This are going to be very important for your requirements later with regards to skill point distribution so when using tools like our handy skill tree calculator also and on the subject of selecting gear with bonuses that mesh well using your most important stats. The gear/stat choice will end up ever more important since you level as bonuses from gear may be the main method by which most of your effectiveness arrive into play.

Of course there are always likely to be off the beaten track builds or flavor in the month builds that target some obscure stat compared to a class to obtain a certain effect in game. The following are the traditional choices though in accordance with the way Bioware appears to have designed results that are going to be most effective for almost all players using whats known as a cookie cutter type build.

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