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Spring Cleaning Tips: Get Rid of the Junk in Your Garage — an article on the Smart Living Network
March 11, 2015 at 8:00 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Spring Cleaning Tips: Get Rid of the Junk in Your Garage


Spring is here once again, and it’s time for enjoying the sunshine, smelling the flowers, and, of course, cleaning out your garage. If you’re looking to declutter and possibly even transform your garage into a great new space, here are some excellent tips for spring cleaning.

  • Get rid of unnecessary and unwanted items. If you have a garage cluttered or garage full of junk, spring is the perfect time to separate what should stay from what should go. It’s a lot easier than it sounds! Simply put all the unwanted items in one place and then decide what can be sold or given away and what should be tossed. Items that still have value but aren’t useful or wanted anymore can be put up for sale—try a yard sale if there are a lot of these items. You can also sell on Craigslist or eBay. You can also put unwanted items such as mattresses, scrap wood, art supplies, and kitchen ware on the Free section of Craigslist, and people will even come pick it up, saving you from doing deliveries. Of course, some stuff is really only fit to throw out, so you should plan a trip to the dump if necessary.

  • Do a deep clean. Now that winter is over, it’s time for you to do a deep clean of your garage in order to keep it functioning and attractive. A deep clean involves dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and/or mopping ALL surfaces in the garage, including the floor space under furniture. Every inch of your garage should be thoroughly cleaned. Deep cleaning also affords you the opportunity to consider what you’d like to do with the space, such as an office or a meditation room, and also to reassess your habits (such as wearing shoes in the garage) to decide if there is room for improvement.

  • Take note of any necessary repairs or upkeep. Spring is also the time for appliance maintenance, so do a thorough inspection of the entire garage and make note of anything that may be dangerous or irksome, such as a broken garage door, and either fix it yourself or contact a skilled contractor who can get the job done quickly and well.

Once you’ve made a clean, clear space out of your garage, you have the freedom to make that space your own--whether you’d like to make it into its own apartment, a home office, a library or room for relaxation, or anything your heart desires, now you can--minus the grime and dust.

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  • Great reminder about cleaning and making separate piles, keep, recycle trash

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