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Reasons why people make voodoo dolls — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Reasons why people make voodoo dolls


Traditionally, voodoo dolls were created to symbolize a deity. Researchers say they were brought in by slaves from West Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are tools of an ancient and spiritual religion. Due to a universal misconception, they occupy a dark place in our cultural imagination and are viewed by most people as agents of evil. In contrast, they actually have many positive uses, both past and present. Today, they are built to serve a practical purpose in the real world.
It is easy to see how in a time of slavery voodoo dolls were associated with vengeful magic. Within their cruel world, slaves sought protection from brutality, salvation from slavery, and revenge for the suffering experienced at the hands of masters and drivers. Dolls became tools for hope and Voodoo priestess.
Over time, the media showed the public how to make voodoo dolls as a bad form of magic. However, today's practitioners disagree with the latter and present that a large percentage of these dolls are actually used for healing and meditation.
People are forced to make voodoo dolls for two basic reasons: to gain power over someone or an item (the object of selfless love, safe travel) and to help a community (good weather for crops). They are also most often used in meditation, a process that involves placing the doll on an altar and focusing on it as one focuses on a particular desire. They can also be used to connect to a particular deity by lighting a candle and making offerings.

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