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Picking A High Quality Range Hood That Suits Your Kitchen

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Buying a range hood is not as simple as purchasing a stove that you can place on top of a kitchen counter. The range hood should may or may not perform properly, and can even annoy you when cooking food if you get the wrong one. Therefore, you need to be strict when doing a quality check when picking the best type of range hood for your kitchen.

Take note that the different factors to consider for picking a high quality range hood are not just for the sake of providing you top-class performance when preparing food with convenience. These factors are also meant for aesthetic purposes so then you can pick the right one that suits the looks of your kitchen.

So to begin, just take note of the following:

The Kitchen Itself

The kitchen layout itself is the very important factor that you need to consider first before purchasing the right type of range hood. It will help you figure out the working space for cooking, and therefore all of the other factors that will be mentioned below - particularly the size of the range hood. The recommended distance between the range hood and your workspace should be at 30 inches from the cook top. Thus, if you have any cabinets on top of your stove, then be sure that its quite far from it so then the range hood can be installed and work with ease. Missing out these requirements for your range hood means that its not recommended for you to buy one.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system of the range hood is also another factor that you need to consider because its the feature that defines the overall performance of your range hood. You need to install it in a way where your house has to have a space where the smoke and heat has to be vented out. The exhaust system should also have a filtration system in it so then the vented out smoke and heat will come off as clean air only. Therefore, your stove has to be placed at a wall that also serves as the exterior wall of your home so then the range hood will release all of the smoke and heat out of your home.


The cubic feet per minute is a measurement present in the specs of the range hood. Its the measure of airflow that will define the ventilation power of the range hood, as well as how much energy it will cost (which will reflect on your bill, of course). CFM should also match with the size of the range hood. For example, those range hoods that measures 20 to 25 inches in width should have a CFM of 300.

With these very important factors to take note of, for sure you will be able to purchase the perfect range hood that will make cooking much more efficient without heating or dirtying your kitchen with smoke. Its best to keep the kitchen clean at all times, which is why youre now making the right decision to check the factors needed to get the perfect one that will perform the best, without raising your electric bill too much.

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