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Market segments and leads for a boat cleaning company considered

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The marine industry is huge and sometimes overwhelming. You see, while most of those considering a career in the boat cleaning industry turn mainly to private yacht owners, they often miss many other types of clients. When it comes to detailing boats, one of the biggest clients may be yacht brokers as they often have an unlimited amount of business, and coming through that door can provide you with endless referrals for all kinds of cleaning, detailing and restoration services. So perhaps we should explore all potential market segments, customers, and off-shoot marine service opportunities.


Consider, if you like, that banks can become big customers, as the number of boats seized is a huge potential niche. Someone has to clean up those boats for future sale, and you know that the bank cannot, and does not want to. Marine Insurance Adjusters often have to hire boat retailers to clean up damaged boats, often with a little detail, expensive painting can be avoided. Similarly, glass painters often need color sanding and touch-up services, and they can send a lot of work their way, often more than they can handle. And don't forget the vinyl sign and the naked guys, they need to remove the wax before putting on the stickers, then they need to wax their work again - they need someone they can trust to get it right,car truck decals.


Custom yacht interior designers are also very good at referrals and generally have a good number of clients. The same goes for electronic installers that often dirty the interior leaving sawdust and plastic, composite or fiberglass shavings when completed. You can do pretty well for very little real work if you also get on your boat. When it comes to custom yachts, there are captains, crews, and chefs along with their janitors and coordinators as well, and after such an excursion, you need your boat cleaning company to be on your short list and speed dial.
Marina has a lot of work, and you would be surprised at how busy they can keep you if you say "yes" to any job they offer you. Why not take the trouble to wash the hallways, dock and build or repaint the railings, restore the wood, or wax the storage boxes? Plus that means it's out in the open where everyone can see it and they know they can trust you if you're working for the marina and cleaning the facility, just make sure you have plenty of business cards at all times. Do you see that point?

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