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Interior Decorating with Natural Materials

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When it comes to getting your home looking just right, there is no better place to turn to than the garden. Natural materials can bring the outdoors inside, take a room backward in history, or forward in time, while allowing a homeowner's "green" personality to shine through brilliantly.

Bringing the Garden into the Kitchen

There are several ways to bring the garden into the kitchen. One, of course, is to bring organic veggies inside and create one fantastic meal after another. A different way to use the garden's bounty as an interior decorating tool is to use sparkling jars of jelly or canned goods as part of the room decor. Lining open shelves in the kitchen with preserves is a great way to preserve garden bounty, show off your wares, and act as the perfect ice breaker. As guests enter your kitchen, the eye will naturally wander to the shelves lined with canned goods. Intrigued, visitors will simply have to ask that awe-inspired question every gardener loves to hear: "Did you make these yourself?"

Culinary Wreaths

Culinary wreaths made from sage, thyme, dill, basil and/or peppers are another wonderfully thrifty way to decorate the kitchen. Because culinary wreaths are wreaths made out of edible herbs, which are intended to be snipped and used in cooking, try to place the wreath in an area where it will not come in contact with dust. After snipping a piece, wash it with cold running water before using it. Hot peppers or Hungarian peppers, long peppers, can also be dried by stringing a needle and thread through the pepper stems and creating a swag or string of peppers. Pick the peppers in the morning, after the dew. Wash and dry them, then, using a needle and tough string, create your swag, being careful not to pass the needle through the pepper itself, as that will cause the pepper to turn black and rot. Because the sun will bleach the color, hang the string of peppers in a dry area, away from direct sun.

Nature: The Perfect Interior Decorator

Nature is an excellent interior decorator. Because of the thousands of items, colors and textures available, a homeowner is able to be unique, and "going green" is very fashionable and up to date. Wild flowers, garden flowers, vegetables, herbs, weeds, leaves, plants, trees, bark, driftwood, and rocks and sand all are perfect items to use when you want to bring the peaceful essence of nature into your home.

Flowers, Weeds, and Reeds A bouquet of flowers, weeds or reeds in the center of your table is just the beginning. Try drying the same items and using them in a dried flower arrangement, swag, or wreath. Or, tie reeds or branches together to create a window shade or a floor mat.

Herbs and Vegetables While herbs and peppers make great wreaths, beans can also be dried and placed into layers in an apothecary jar to create a beautiful scene. Corn husks can be used to create corn husk angels. Once the angels have been created, connect them together with a ribbon or piece of raffia and make a garland of angels to watch over your loved ones. Strung over the headboard, this makes a beautiful decoration. Use large rhubarb or squash leaves as a form. Mound up dirt, place a leaf facedown on the mound, then cover the leaf with cement and allow it to dry for several days. Remove the leaf and hot glue a piece of felt to the bottom. Viola! You have a beautiful new leaf-shaped bowl for the coffee table. The leaf can also be painted.


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