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Indoor Decorating with Winter Plants

By Helen More Blogs by This Author

Decorating was never so easy! Just choose a handful of winter plants, just about any type of plant you grow indoors during the winter, or holiday plants such as poinsettia, evergreen and Christmas cactus, and get started.

Create a Winter Scene

GREENS AND REDS.To create a winter scene, go for green and reds.The green can be the foliage and the red can be berries, such as holly berries, or flowers, such as poinsettia leaves and Christmas cactus blossoms.

POTTED EVERGREENS.Or purchase several evergreens in pots. Use the trees to liven up the house as indoor scenery and also as live Christmas trees for the holidays. In the spring hold a planting party and plant the trees out of doors where you can continue to enjoy them forever. If you have the room, a nice brightly lit corner makes a lovely area for an entire evergreen forest. Choose an area that has windows and lots of natural light so the plants continue to get enough sunlight. Because it's more pleasing to the eye to see groups of three rather than evenly numbered groups, place three evergreens together, with the tallest in the center.

DECORATE YOU "FOREST".Add nothing to the scene or add a few feathered friends. Ornamental red cardinals, blue jays or yellow finches would add a splash of color and also be a reminder of what's happening in the real forests and meadows. And since we're going for a natural look here, what could be more natural than a holly berry bush or two at the base of your indoor forest?

CHRISTMAS BLOOMS.Christmas cactus and poinsettias are not as "natural" looking and should be kept aside for a different type of display, perhaps beside the fireplace or on the mantle. If you don't have indoor pets, sprinkle a half bushel of pine needles and a scattering of pine cones beneath the trees to create a natural forest carpet. Finish by adding some type of dim lighting behind the trees so that their beautiful silhouettes will be visible.

Same Scene Different Plants

To create the same scene but without using evergreens, simply use indoor plants such as rubber trees, jade plants, peace lilies, Boston ferns, schefflera, dragon trees and bromeliad plants. By adding plants, which change the atmosphere and environment in several ways (including energizing the room and absorbing EMF emissions), you will be channeling your inner feng shui master by bringing character into the room and softening harsh corners and edges.

FENG SHUI. Keeping feng shui in mind, pokey or spiny plants, such as cactus, snake plants or bromeliads should be kept far from the bedroom or bathroom. But if there is room to add a plant that drapes or hangs such as a Christmas cactus, go for it!

BEAUTIFY AND PURIFY. Not only will the beauty of the plant enhance the room - live plants growing in rooms generally kept closed perform double duty by cleaning the air of impurities. Bring the outdoors in this holiday season, and enjoy the natural, beneficial, and inexpensive decor enhancement these plants can provide!


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