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Ideas for Creating Smart Multifunctional Rooms

By EmmaJoyce More Blogs by This Author

No matter how big your home is, the chances are you could still use some more space. We all need room for our belongings, our private space, our common areas and a spot for our hobbies, and your average home just isnt big enough for all those things. Thats why people are going in another direction instead of purchasing bigger homes or building additional living space, they add more functionality to their current homes and opt for smart multifunctional rooms that maximize their living space and make the most of every inch they have. If you too want to utilize every available corner in your home, heres how to give every room more purpose than ever and turn it into a multifunctional space every member of your family can enjoy.

Sleeping in the living room

Not having a separate bedroom is a problem millions of people around the world are facing at the moment, and the easiest way to solve this issue is by putting a comfortable couch or a sofa in your living and turning it into a bedroom at night. This way, youll be able to spend time with your friends and family during the day, and just turn your seating arrangements into space where you can sleep in the evening, and youre good to go. Mixing the living room and the bedroom is particularly useful if youre a part of a co-living community where you share your living space with other people and give everyone a proper place to sleep.

Bedroom meets the bathroom

This is another popular solution thats not nearly as uncomfortable and unusual as it seems at first on the contrary, mixing your sleeping and bathing spaces into one is what people have been doing for decades. All you have to do is build an en suite bathroom, or, if you want to do something completely different, simply tear down the wall between your bedroom and bathroom, and thats it. This arrangement may, admittedly, be rather hard to get used to, but once you realize how much space youre saving, youll fall in love with it straight away.

Home office in the bedroom

If youre not a fan of mixing your bedroom and bathroom, you can give your bedroom a new purpose a home office. This is the only choice lots of people working from home have, especially if they live in tiny homes with no separate office space. This doesnt have to be a bad thing after all, and you just need to get a comfortable chair, a spacious desk you can equip with professional Winc stationery that will help you take care of your work, as well as a powerful computer that will help you do more in less time. However, you must be careful not to get distracted by your bed thats just inches away, and keep in mind that short breaks can turn into long naps rather easily!

Kids room, with a fun twist

Having children is amazing, but most parents dont have enough energy to run around them all day long. Thats why they often design them a beautiful separate playroom inside their home, fill it up with their toys and other amusing things, and let them play there as much as they want. But, if you dont have enough space for such a room, you can always incorporate a playing area inside your kids room all you need is to turn one corner into a designated playing space and teach your child how to keep all their toys there. You can add a few extra features too indoor slides and ropes hanging from the ceiling, for instance and thus help your kids get more playful and active than ever.

These are just some of the ways to make each room in your home more multifunctional than before, but there are other things you can do. Combining your kitchen and your dining room, your living room and your home theater, your bedroom and your library, as well as your entryway and your pantry are a few additional ideas you could explore, and these will come in pretty handy no matter how spacious your home is and how many people there are in your family.


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