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How to Tune Up Your Garage Door Yourself

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The garage door is usually one of the biggest moving parts around a house, and is probably subject to more wear and tear than just about anything else.  On average, the typical garage door goes up and down over a thousand times per year.  When in good working order, it provides convenience and an added layer of security for your home. There are a few simple things you can do to help ensure it continues to function properly.

Before You Begin

Before you start working on your garage door, inform everyone else in your house so they do not accidentally try to open or close it.  To be extra safe, you may want to disconnect the electrical component altogether. If you need to work on it while open, use locking pliers or wedge solid poles in the roller tracks so the door does not accidentally fall. 

Inspect the Hardware

Since a garage door moves it is easy for hardware to become loose. Tighten all nuts and bolts that hold the roller brackets in place if they are not secure. The rollers get a tremendous amount of use and may need to be replaced if they are cracked or not operating efficiently. The cable may also get damaged over time, if you see broken strands you should get a new one. Installing a cable is best left to a garage door professional, the cable is under very high tension and can be extremely dangerous to replace.

Keep Components Lubricated

There are several components of your garage door that will benefit from lubrication.  Metal rollers tend to operate more effectively and quietly if they are annually coated with a WD-40 type spray. Lubricating the chain or screw of the opener each year with white lithium grease may also help extend its life. Be sure to check your owner’s manual, because some screw openers do not need to be lubricated. The springs will eventually wear out and corrosion can be a contributing factor. Spraying WD-40 on springs can help mitigate corrosion. If your springs do need to be replaced, call a professional to do the work. Both springs will need to be replaced even if only one breaks.

Change out the Weather Seal

The weather seal (also called weatherstripping) is located at the bottom of the garage door and is the barrier between the door and the ground.  It gets a lot of abuse and should be replaced when it becomes worn-out.

A garage door is an important home feature. Following these tips can help keep it well-maintained and rolling along trouble free.

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