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How To Pick The Right Flooring For Your House

By DavidKoller More Blogs by This Author

Picking the right flooring for your home is a big deal. The entire process, from choosing the right materials, to having them installed, will take a big chunk of your time. Essentially, you will have to dedicate a couple of days to this project. So it stands to reason that you really need to think things through before making a choice. Well, youve come to the right place.

Below you can find a short little guide on how to make an educated decision when choosing your flooring.

Your budget

The first thing you need to take into consideration is, as always, money. Now, making a budget for home repairsshould basically be the first thing on your list, no matter how dreary or annoying it can be. And while price shouldnt really dictate your choices, we understand that there are limits to everyones means and wallets. So, lets get it.

There are a couple of materials to choose from, mostly standard and widely used as flooring. First, we have the most affordable option, i.e. vinyl. These are not only cheap as materials, but they are also easy to install, making the pretty affordable as far as contractor costs go as well. Carpeting is also cheap, but you cant really put it wherever you want, and they sometimes require more complex installation procedures.

You can go with hardwood, which fetches a solid price, though this mostly depends on the type of wood youre using. Installation isnt that difficult, but you will be happy it isnt worse if youre going with some of the more expensive types of wood. You can get a more affordable price with composite wood. These can also range in quality, being as similar (or dissimilar) to hardwood as much as your wallet can stand it.

Finally, we have tiles. Tiles are the most expensive option, and require professional, extensive installation.

Function and maintenance

Now that we got the budget out of the way, you should think about what your installation needs are. First, obviously figure out if youre remodelling the kitchen, your bathroom, or the entire house. Next, think about the area you live in, what the weather is like there. This, of course, is highly specific to your region, but understand that, for example, regions that have high humidity are horrible for hardwood floors.

Furthermore, we always suggest you go local with your contractors. For example, if youre in the New South Wales area, in or around Sydney, then you want to get building supplies in Sydney. Now, we do not advise going local because of only logistical reasons. Namely, you can get supplies (and advice) from people who actually know what kind of problems you may face most often. Whats more, they know how you can fix or avoid them.

As far as the materials are concerned, vinyl is great for kitchens and laundry rooms. Its easy to clean, and very water resistant (but not really the prettiest flooring there is). On the other hand, tiles are an improvement of vinyl. They are also easy to clean, but are also more durable, and just look better.

You can look at hardwood and composite wood the same way you look at vinyl and tiles. Hardwood is better, nicer, and more durable than composite wood. However, it is also more expensive. Whichever you choose, know that these are great for any room that is free of moisture. They are relatively easy to clean, but you may need to maintain them. You should find a good contractorand have them perform regular maintenance, at least every few years.

Finally, carpets. They are great for comfort, and there is a lot of variation as far as aesthetics are concerned. However, cleaning is pretty difficult, since you have to vacuum regularly (among other things).


And there you have it folks, a short guide on how to pick the right flooring. First, plan out your budget. Then, see how much maintenance you are willing to do, as well as what areas you need to spruce up. However, we are certain you will make the right choice.

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