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How to make your outdoor area look amazing without spending a lot of money

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No money to hire a landscaper? This doesnt mean you have to be the worst house on the best street. There are heaps of easy and cheap ways to get the areas around your house looking good. You can take a secured loan to finance the oporation and invest in your house, a wise move.

Whatever the size of the space you have around your home, you want the outdoor areas looking nice, not wild and jungle-like. Aside from untidiness, there are safety issues like giving burglars a place to hide or having wasps build a nest in the unkempt areas.

Landscaping and creating a beautiful outdoor space around your home doesnt need to be an expensive or complex process. Lets take a look at some of the DIY and inexpensive options to get your outdoor areas spruced up.

Take the time to trim

Overgrown weeds, hedges that are out of control, leaves everywhere, grass untended these are all things that make the outdoor area around your home look unloved. Trim bushes and trees back to make them look presentable. This also has the additional aspect of leaving no place for potential thieves or prowlers to hide either. ( Have you got contents insurance? It might be a good time to check). While you are pruning and cutting, you could also invest in some lights, whether straight up security lights or pretty fairy lights or tiki torch style fancy lights that illuminate your outdoor space and creates a lovely outdoor living area.

Plant trees

Planting trees is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get a landscaping and garden project off the ground. You can DIY and your future self will get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Buy seeds for trees you would like to have, sow them, water them, and voila, you are off! Based on your needs and preferences, you can get fruit trees, gorgeous natives or trees that have leaves that provide great shade.

Buy some plants

A quick and easy way to get your backyard or front garden looking healthy and happy is by investing in plants perennials like geraniums are hardy and flower to make your space pretty and bright. And if you take the time to split and replant in the future, you have double the value for money. In addition, think about purchasing some useful plants like herbs and vegetables that will help you create a home garden that you can reach out and pick from when it is time to whip up dinner. Rosemary is easy to grow and looks great as a crawling plant, while everlasting spinach in pots by the door is an easy side dish that provides greenery to your garden year-round.

Pick the surface

Do you want grass, gravel or a paved walkway? Grass takes time to come in and will require tending, but the overall effect is lush. Paving costs more, while gravel is an affordable option that is also something you can do yourself. All you have to do is scrape away loose soil or grass, create a boundary with a permeable membrane (so no weeds can grow) and spread the gravel. You will have choices in terms of colour, and one big bag should be enough for reasonable area.

Make your lawn geometric

A quick fix for an unkempt or lacklustre lawn is to create an interesting geometric shape cut the grass into a square, circle or even a triangle. It will transform your space and other than the manual effort involved, there is zero burden on your wallet. With just some trimming and cutting you will have achieved a new look for your lawn and added to your garden area.

Know the alternatives to mulching

Mulching, while the optimal way to conserve water and reduce weeds, has one major drawback mulch is not that cheap. But there are quite a few cost effective and readily available alternatives for mulch that you can use which will help you maintain your garden and save money. Aside from mulch, you can use a mix of grass clippings, newspaper, leaves, pine needles and compost to fertilise your plants and trees.

If you dont already compost, it is a great time to start. Using leaves and clipped grass for mulch repurposes waste you would otherwise you would be consigning to the landfill.

Reuse and recycle

Have some old tires hanging around? How about that half can of paint? Maybe a piece of furniture that has seen better days and is no longer fit for inside your house? All these things can work well for a DIY landscape project. Spruce up the old table or chair with a coat of paint and place in your outdoor area rather than buying outdoor furniture or create a swing or planter with the old tire. Use chipped or broken vases to create outdoor mosaics, and create a gorgeous, cost effective outdoor living area for your home.

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