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How to make winning soccer teams — an article on the Smart Living Network
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How to make winning soccer teams


There are three basic approaches to choosing soccer winners:
Disability on your own
Using the help of disabled professionals
Some combination of self disadvantage and professional picks
Win with the right help for the disabled
Overall, there are three main areas that solid disabled people focus on: current news, injuries, and historical statistics / trends.
Professional punters are constantly looking for information worth gambling to give them an edge, and you should too. Finding important statistics and meaningful and accurate news is essential. At Game Factors, you can get all of this information in one place so you don't have to search the Internet and spend your time visiting hundreds of websites. With so many different sports sites offering seemingly endless amounts of information (much of it of questionable value), finding those rare resources like Game Factors that provide information worth acting on is essential to betting .
Judging injuries is also key for disabled soccer games. Sports media such as ESPN and CBS SportsLine tend to overestimate injuries in the most glamorous skill positions like quarterback and running back, while failing to mention how important other key positions (like the offensive line) impact the game. Disabling the NFL injury report is complicated, but important. The only way to find the true value of NFL injuries is to realize the full scope of different positions, including depth, and bet that information accordingly. (Click to view the full article on NFL injuries)
Win with a professional handicapper
FACT: Some punters always win. Usually these winners are quick to try to convince the public to buy their picks. However, some winners sell their picks (usually they're not very good at it, probably because they spend most of their time at a disadvantage!) We have chased these professional winning handicaps and provided their picks to you. We handle marketing, allowing handicappers to focus on choosing the winners.
The free picks educate you on how good a handicap really is. This is the easiest and cheapest option so that you can follow the handicappers' choices and determine the quality of their selections without any risk. (or FPBE) offers 10 free picks from 10 famous handicaps. Following these impediments will help you determine which ones can help you.
Understanding a handicapper's game selection approach and level of knowledge is vital in determining how it can help. Some disabled people share the details of their perception through report collections; others keep their success secrets to themselves, forcing the player to rely on the won / lost results to determine the quality of their choices.
Premium picks are the highest quality picks for a handicapper. Documented records (past results) are the best way to predict future winners. No matter how good your own choices are, having access to the best selections of proven winners increases what you know about the games you bet on, increasing your confidence in betting. One group to seriously consider is Johnny Detroit All-Stars, which provides champion picks that even a small player can afford.
It is natural that disabled people usually have a single sport that they understand better (although they usually do not tell their clients, since they want to sell selections in all sports). After finding the handicappers that really win, FPBE spends hours determining which sport (or sports) each handicap understands best, and their specialties are the only sports we use them for. The reality of business makes it difficult for the individual captain to be honest about his limitations, but since the FPBE staff has hundreds of cappers to choose from, we can do it! offers all the premium selections of 5 specialized handicap players each game day. These are proven handicap winners who choose exclusively in their best sport, giving you the ammo to play with confidence at a bargain price that players of any size can afford.

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