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Creating the Perfect Area Rug: 3 Tricks Taken from the Pros

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Decorating a home is a very interesting process, especially for fresh homeowners who get to decide some even for the first time ever exactly how they want their interior to look like. Being able to choose all the furniture pieces you wish to implement in your design, as well as all the accent and statement dcor items, will make this entire process super fun and enjoyable.
However, there are certain parts of interior design that do require some special attention, if you want to make sure that you stay on top of your decorating game. Choosing the perfect area rug, for instance, is something that shouldnt be done on a whim. Instead, it will require a bit of planning and some careful measuring if you want to do it right. With that in mind, here are some interesting pro tips you might find useful when it comes the time to choose the perfect area rug for your home.

Go wild in the living room

One of the purposes of implementing an area rug into a rooms design is to visually frame the room and work as a base for the rest of the rooms dcor. That being said, when choosing an area rug for the living room, you should measure out your seating arrangement, and choose a rug accordingly. You can have all the furniture pieces the sofa, coffee table, armchairs and end tables sitting on top of the rug entirely or you can have just the front legs of the sofa and armchairs resting on top of the rug. Finally, you can simply choose to have only your coffee table rest on the rug, which is the best option in case youre looking into oddly-shaped or asymmetrical rugs. When the texture and the color are concerned, try to go with something soft and durable that will either completely match or completely contrast the overall color scheme.

Go vintage in the bedroom

When bedrooms are concerned, there are three most common ways you can implement an area rug. The first one, and definitely the priciest solution, is to choose a big enough rug that will go all the way around your bed and nightstands, framing them perfectly into a cohesive element. Secondly, if youre not quite in love with this look, you can choose a smaller rug that stops right in front of your bedside tables and runs perpendicular to the bed. Finally, you can choose to place two smaller runner rugs on each side of the bed if you dont like either of the previous ideas. No matter what idea you opt for, make sure that the rugs you choose are not only durable and of high quality, but stunning to look at as well. Check out vintage decorative Turkish rugs if you feel like youre lacking inspiration, as you will surely find something that will perfectly blend with almost any design.

Keep it clean in the dining room

In the dining room, since most dining tables are rectangularly shaped, you should also look for a rectangular rug. The most important thing to avoid here is constantly having your chair legs catching onto the edges of the rug, so it is best to choose a rug thats at least about 24 inches off all of the sides of your dining room table. The same goes for a circular or an oval table, so 3 to 4 feet bigger than the table itself. Since dining rooms are usually high-traffic areas and theres usually food involved, make sure you choose a durable rug with short threads thats easy to clean and maintain.
Therefore, when choosing the right area rug for your home, first and foremost consider the room the rug will be placed in. Based on the room size and the furniture pieces you have in that area and by following these tips, youll be able to choose a rug that will act as a beautiful base for the rest of your room design and dcor, which should definitely be your end goal.

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