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Create the ultimate man cave with luxury theatre seating — an article on the Smart Living Network
November 13, 2019 at 4:25 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Create the ultimate man cave with luxury theatre seating


If youre an avid movie watcher or gamer, you probably spend a lot of time in your man cave. If your old La-Z-Boy is starting to come apart at the seams or youre wanting a luxury upgrade, then home theatre seating is the perfect option.

There are plenty of great chairs out there for man cave seating, but nothing fits the bill as nicely as home theatre seating does. Unbelievably comfortable, stylish and with every accessory possible, choosing a seat for your man cave has never been easier. Check out these options on Wavetrain .

Styles galore

Every sort of style is available, from sleek modern leather designs through to more plush, cushy chairs. The Casablanca chair from Fortress has a style youd expect to see in an old-style library or office, only needing a glass of whisky in one hand and a cigar in the other to complete the look. The Kensington is more reminiscent of a gamers chair, modelled on a Ferrari seat for a masculine feel. A classic theatre chair, the Matinee, has exactly the look a movie-viewing chair should have; slightly reminiscent of old movie theatre seats, but with far more comfort.

All styles can use the fabric of your choice, so you can choose whatever colour and style suit you. Leather is a favourite, and there are some fantastic hard-wearing fabrics that look great, are easy to clean and will last a long time. Consider a modern suede that gives a stylish look but is still a super-comfortable seat.

Maximum comfort

This is the most important thingthe extreme levels of comfort you want to experience. Home theatre seats are fully customisable, so that tall people have a taller chair and longer chair back, with an adjustable head rest. The opposite, of course, applies to short people, with a lower seat and shorter seat back.

There are also a range of different widths of seat, to suit different body shapes. Its not just about comfort, its about making the chair suit the person. If youre sitting for long periods, memory foam chairs mean you get support as well as a chair so relaxing youll never want to get up.

Extras and accessorie.

While full leg rests and reclining functions are a must-have, there are a huge range of other extras to make it the ultimate chair.

Tray tables that fold away in the chair like a first class plane seat mean you can eat your pizza while you watch your movie (or have your laptop set up without overheating your legs). A retractable touch screen or place for a phone or tablet to rest means you have everything you need within arms reach. A chilled cup-holder means your beer will always be cold, and an in-built data/ power port is super convenient to recharge phones, tablets and Kindles.

This could be the perfect finishing touch to your man cave

The hyper-comfort and amazing functionality of home theatre chairs make them an absolute must-have for a man-cave. Stamp your mark on your space with a fully customised chair that suits your needs, and then all you need is a robot butler to bring you snacks.

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