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Create a Modern Deck Space With Cable or Glass Railings — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Create a Modern Deck Space With Cable or Glass Railings


Despite the advances in technology and the tendency for people to spend much of their time indoors or with their eyes glued to a screen, the outdoors will always be a special place to unwind. Whether you prefer calm evening dinners or love to hold raucous pool parties, your deck will likely be a hub of activity. A patio or deck is the perfect place to spend time with friends, family, or coworkers for outdoor occasions. For contemporary homes, owners prefer to take advantage of today’s modern deck railings—glass vs. cable. 

Modern Feel and Simplistic Design

The modern artistic style has been one of the most long-lived modes of décor because of its dedication to simplicity and clean lines. Decks are traditionally difficult to simplify. Building with wooden supports is the both affordable and convenient, but it can also be busy-looking and detract from the overall image of a home. Glass or cable railings add a measure of the modern feel to a deck without being blocky or too expensive. 

Benefits of Glass Railings

Glass is one of the most beautiful building materials in the world. Being able to add more glass to a church or home is often seen as the pinnacle of engineering in the middle ages well into the modern era with sky scrapers seemingly being made solely from glass. Among the benefits of adding glass railings to you deck are the following:

  • Clear view of surrounding scenery
  • Blocks wind and weather
  • Highly reflective and notable

It is important to remember that glass does get dirty and glass railings should be cleaned regularly for the best looking appearance.

Choosing Cables Railings

Although glass is historically the choice used by modernist decorators, metallic cable has made its presence known in outdoor scene. Most cable railing systems work in conjunction with a wooden or metal rail to create a fence and keep deck occupants safe. Cables are desirable for many reasons, including:

  • Long, beautiful horizontal lines
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Strong stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Light weight and virtually unimpeded view of landscape

However, cable railings allow weather to pass through, which may be uncomfortable on balconies that are high up.

Combining Both for Best Effect

Today’s modern deck railings—glass vs. cable—do not have to be separate additions to your deck, meaning installing either one or the other. Combine both materials for an outstanding looking deck space for your outdoor enjoyment. Create a subtle yet exquisite space to host parties and events with the help of these simplistic yet bold design materials. Speak with a deck installation expert to learn more about which kinds of railings you should choose for your upcoming deck project.

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