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6 Tips To Prevent Your House From Storm Damage

By Peter Cole More Blogs by This Author

Force of nature is not easy to be reckoned with. Mother nature is there to nurture everything and can destroy things at an unimaginable scale. If you are worried about preventing your home from storm damage, you need to be well prepared.

During the storm, your house is all left to the mercy of hail, winds, and rain but you can take some precautionary measures to minimize the damage. The aftereffects of a heavy storm can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Water damages are extensive and expensive. You need to hire professionals for water damage repair Boca Raton FL. If you want to minimize the cost of repairs and prepare well ahead, these are seven simple steps to follow.

Clear Your Patio/Deck

When you receive a warning about a storm, it is good to step out and check your deck. High impact winds can crash your objects to windows and doors. Flying objects can inflict heavy damages to doors or window panes. Bring all the loose objects from the patio and place them inside your house.

Unplug Unnecessary Appliances

Power surges and outages are common during the storms. You should switch off and unplug all the necessary appliances before a storm hits your home.

The surges can cause irreversible damage to the sensitive circuits of an appliance. Walk around your house and unplug everything you will not be needing such as the washer and dryer.

Keep Up With Window Maintenance

Any window damages can bring drastic effects on your house during a storm. Once the water starts getting inside from a broken pane, you can only wait until the storm passes. It is suggested to check the condition of windows before the storm season arrives.

Rainwater breaches can cause extensive damages to your house walls and flooring. Check the window seals every year. If you have window exterior shutters, they are effective in preventing storm damages.

Trim The Trees

The trees in your yard can bring more damage than you think. Strong winds can knock down tree branches causing severe roof damage. It might seem a bit silly to worry about your trees just before a storm arrives but it can make a huge difference. Trim the tree branches that are close to your house.

Secure Your Vehicles

If you own a vehicle, it is safe to take it to the house garage. It is essential to find a covered parking place for your car so that flying objects do not damage the roof.

House garages are often used as a junkyard. If you have been delaying cleaning for many months, this is the right time. Clear the junk so that you can protect your vehicle.

Move On Higher Grounds

If you are living in a high potential flood area, it is better to secure your belongings and move to a higher place. Later, you can hire restoration services to get your house back in its original shape. Dont forget your pets!

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