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Why Lovage Root Is Good For Women — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 22, 2007 at 12:50 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Why Lovage Root Is Good For Women


A flowering plant, lovage comes from the same family as parsley, dill and carrots. It is a perennial, sturdy in appearance with fragrant fruit and leaves. Its stalks resemble celery while its dark green leaves look like cilantro; this herb is stronger and sweeter than celery. Initially introduced in Europe, it has since traveled to the US and New England growing abundantly in the Great Lakes states, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

What is Lovage Root Used In?

The entire plant can be used for medicinal purposes but often, the roots and leaves are all that is used for herbal medications. This plant can be used in teas, tonics or be encapsulated. Many also eat this as a fresh vegetable, or chop the dried leaf to use as a flavoring agent in soups, etc.

What Makes This Root So Potent?

The quercetin found in lovage is what makes it such a potent and powerful plant. It has the ability to alleviate allergies, symptoms of bronchitis, indigestion and even colic. The leaves have been categorized as many things including:

  • Antispasmodic. (Prevents spasms of smooth muscles in body like stomach, bladder and intestines.)
  • Aromatic. (Sweet smelling, fragrant scents soothing to body and mind.)
  • Carminative. (Soothes/stops cramps in digestive tract which alleviates flatulence and menstrual cramps.)
  • Diaphoretic. (General reliever of several disease caused symptoms.)
  • Digestive. (Again, soothes and regulates digestive tract and system.)
  • Diuretic. (Elevates bodily urine excretion, aiding in relief from UTI"s.)
  • Expectorant. (Rids the body/lungs of mucus and other materials, improves breathing function.)
  • As a Stimulate. (encourages healthy circulation and movement and improves menstrual flow for less severe cramps and pain.)

Eating the leaves can stimulate menstruation. Herbalogists look to lovage to treat kidney stones, UTI"s and as "irrigation therapy", aka gas relief.

Can Lovage Really Help Women's Medical Issues?

Traditionally, this herb has been used to Chinese remedies, tonics and medications for centuries. Interestingly enough, Chinese women to experience half of the problems American women encounter. PMS, infertility, endometriosis, irregular periods, or painful periods are common problems in the United States that happen far less in China. Researchers have begun to speculate this is due to differences in diet. Diets Asian women adopt play a significant role in keeping them healthy. Far cheaper than western medicine, ancient Chinese remedies are nearly just as effective and much healthier. Lovage can be found in 85% of all of these Chinese remedies, and had proven to be effective in soothing women's reproductive issues at all stages of life from puberty to menopause.

Where Can I Find Lovage Root?

Lovage root can be purchases at specialty stores or food markets across the country. It can also be found in organic products. Lovage is an modulator of the immune system so it is sure to be effective and will improve your overall health vastly. Remember when taking lovage to drink plenty of water as it is a natural diuretic.


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