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3 Great Reasons to Try Bee Pollen

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With both nutritional and therapeutic benefits, bee pollen is actually a combination of plant pollen, bee saliva, and plant nectar.

Bees move from the stamen of one flowering plant to another, collecting nectar and pollen as they move. Bee pollen is typically collected on the hind legs of bees and is removed by means of a special device located at the beehive entrance which removes the pollen to a collection device.

The use of bee pollen dates back to the early Egyptians and ancient Chinese cultures, who used it  both for nutritional factors and in the treatment of diseases. Bee pollen is used for:

  • Immunity: the proper regulation of immune system functioning
  • Allergies: to relieve and control allergy symptoms.
  • Athletics: to increase overall energy levels and strength.
  • Libido: improve overall sexual health and vitality.
  • Weight Loss: in addition to weight control.
  • Aging: a slowed aging process. 

But the three following benefits are the most common reasons bee pollen is used:

#1. Bee Pollen for Improved Immunity

Proper immune system function is necessary for disease prevention and the process of infection treatment and the antioxidants found in bee pollen is believed to enhance immune system functioning. Antioxidants are used by the body for the destruction of harmful free radical substances which may otherwise lead to cell damage.

These free radicals are most commonly associated with increased rates of aging. Bee pollen is associated with a decrease in overall free radicals located throughout the body, and it is said that it decreases the entrance of environmental free radicals, from radiation and pollutions to the environment, improving overall immune system health. For this reason, bee pollen has also been used in addition to radiation therapy in cancer treatments.

#2. Bee Pollen For Allergy Relief

Bee pollen is also associated with decreased signs and symptoms of allergies and hay fever. However, it is not advised to use bee pollen if you have allergies to bees, as it may cause harmful reactions, including anaphylactic shock in extreme cases. It is commonly recommended that the use of the bee pollen begins before allergy season actually starts, as effects may take weeks before presence is noticed.

#3. Bee Pollen For Increased Energy

Bee pollen is a natural herb used by many athletes including half of all Olympic athletes, as it has been associated with increased energy levels and improvements in overall endurance, speed, and strength and a decrease in overall exhaustion levels associated with exercise. This is particularly noted with individuals that are active on a daily basis.

Make A Bee Pollen Smoothie!

bee pollen smoothieThat's all well and good you say, but how am I supposed to actually take the stuff?! Bee pollen can be added to your breakfast cereal, to salads, and soups, but probably the most popular way to use bee pollen is in a nutrient-packed smoothie.

This smoothie from Food-A-Mins blogger, Christina Pasternak is a great introduction to a wonderfully healthful food!

Get the recipe HERE:


Mercola: The Use of Bee Pollen as a Superfood

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