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"The Herb Rosemary-Did you Know?"

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Today my friends, I would like to discuss the herb Rosemary.  Did you know that there are many health benefits besides that the fact many cooks use it to flavor their special recipes?

Did you know?

Rosemary is a well-known culinary herb that the dried leaves are commonly used for seasoning adding flavor to soups, stews, meats, and fish. Most good cooks have this herb in there kitchen cabinets and use it quite often. Herbs are nature's way of giving us unique flavoring to our food and have a special place in our kitchen to enhance our own favorite recipes and to give our foods that unique delicious taste.

But more importantly they can be a great benefit to your health because they contain potent substances that give them their special abilities to help heal and keep our bodies healthy.

Did you know? --  some facts and history:

Rosemary is a perennial, woody plant, it belongs to the Laminaceae family. This Mediterranean shrub with a pleasant flavor, ramified and displaying small, needle shaped evergreen leafs, with flowers of various colors (from white, pink, red, to purple and blue), has a medium height of 20-50 cm and can reach 150 cm in conditions of optimal heat and humidity.

In Ancient Greece, people burned rosemary branches on the altars of the gods, considering it a sacred herb. However, the Greeks were not the only ones; the plant was also sacred for the Romans and Egyptians.

The custom of burning rosemary branches has become a practice in hospitals in France - where it has been maintained until the 20th century - and used for cleaning the air.

Rosemary is one of God's natural healing gifts that he put on this earth for us to use! We just need to learn how to use it and it's  amazing healing properties!

Did you know that it's is well known for it's great aroma? In aromatherapy it is appreciated for bringing youth, protection, love, optimism, vitality health and a restful sleep.

Did you Know the Health Benefits:

When applied to the skin rosemary essential oil helps strengthen the capillaries, has a rejuvenating effect and is a common ingredient in many cosmetics such as skin toners, creams, soaps, and hair products. It also has a long history of medicinal uses and can be used to treat a wide range of ailments, such as upset stomach, digestive disorders, and headaches.

Recent research has now revealed even more benefits attached to this remarkable herb, including its ability to help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage, boost the functioning of the liver and act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling.

There are two main ingredients that give this herb its therapeutic abilities:

  • caffeic acid
  • rosemarinic acid 

Did you know? -- What do these ingredients do?

  • these are natural  potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents These two natural acids reduce inflammation that can contribute to it abilities to help with asthma, liver disease and heart disease. It also has is a rich source of Vitamin E, another potent antioxidant that contributes to free radical fighting powers.
  • Rosemary is proving an important defense against cancer and scientists from the department of Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis, Cancer Research Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, in the Slovak Republic, have found that rosemary extract can significantly help to protect DNA against free radical damage. By blocking estrogen, rosemary helps prevent breast cancer.
  • Another benefit rosemary extract has been shown to possess is an ability to inactivate toxins and then eliminate and flush them from your liver, before they can inflict any serious damage. Rosemary actually stimulates your liver to work more efficiently, which helps you feel healthier and energetic.
  • Rosemary also has therapeutic properties as a mild diuretic and helps to combat the effects of water retention. It is effective in reducing swollen ankles and bloating, according to Dr M Halaoui from the department of Biology, University of Fez in Morocco who has studied the effects of rosemary extract's diuretic actions on the kidney.
  • Rosemary has been used for a long time to treat asthma and allergies. It contains 19 chemicals with antibacterial action and a number of volatile oils which reduce the airway constriction induced by histamine, which is the chemical culprit of asthma and other allergy symptoms.
  •  Rosemary is also thought to stimulate our adrenal glands to provide energy while lifting moods and relieving stress. It relieves stress levels while giving us the energy and clear head to handle all life's problems and our hectic lifestyle

Now that you know I hope this information has been helpful and that you might add this valuable herb "Rosemary" to your diet to maintain good health for you and your family. Rosemary has so many wonderful qualities that could enhance your life and give you a sense of well being for you and your family.

Remember to always "Go Green!" & "Organic"

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