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Researchers Link Aromas To Sexual Arousal

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Like foods, smells can also be used as an aphrodisiac. It is said that aromas can help stimulate sexual arousal in both men and women. You should do your own research to see how aromatherapy can stimulate your sex life.

Sweet Aromas

It is known that men show sexual desire from pumpkin and lavender odors. So what about women? Almonds are said to induce passion in a women. Others that help stimulate sexual desire are cucumbers and Good & Plenty candy (a brand of licorice). Studies show that cherry odors showed a 13% increase in blood flow in women.

Smell and Sexuality

Research has also shown that those with nasal issues tend to develop arousal dysfunction the most. In nature, pheromones are an odorless smell that allows animals to choose their mates. Scientists ran studies on humans to see if people had pheromones and if it had anything to do with how we pick our partners. A study began with 29 women. The researchers had nine of the women rub their under armpits with a cloth to gather sweat samples. Then for two months, half of the women sniffed the sweat of the women who were in the early stages of their menstrual cycle (pre-ovulation) and the other ten women sniffed the sweat samples of the women who were currently in the stage of ovulation. None of the women detected any odors, but changes in their own menstrual cycle did occur. Some of the women who were using the samples from the women who were in the pre-ovulation stage noticed their menstrual cycle was shortened by 1.7 days a month. Some of the other women who were using the samples of the women who were in the ovulation stage, noticed that their menstrual cycles were lengthened by 1.4 days a month. Women have claimed that when working together with another woman caused their cycles to synchronize.

What Smells are Associated with Sexual Arousal?

Women aroma studies have shown that the most popular arousal odor is with cucumbers and Good & Plenty candy. Surprisingly male colognes only had a 1% effect on vaginal blood flow. The smell of charcoal barbecue smoke lowers women's sexual drive by 18%. Some couples find that the natural smells of their partner are real turn-ons. And sometimes the partner is unhappy when the smells are washed away or covered up.

How to Produce the Sensual Aromas

You can mix together the smells that arouse both men and women. Try blending cucumbers with pumpkin pie and any other foods, then place a cotton ball at the bottom of a test tube and pour a few drops into it. This will cause the aroma to linger, allowing you and your partner to smell the odors frequently. Another method is to cook with aphrodisiac foods, such as bananas, nuts, garlic, etc. Or add food into your foreplay. There are many ways to do that, whether you use them in their natural form or in desserts. Experiment a little.


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