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April 11, 2013 at 9:00 AMComments: 3 Faves: 0

What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

By Christina Pasternak More Blogs by This Author

When beginning your journey to eating better, feeling better, and looking better, there’s one thing you must never forget: Everything is connected.

Our body is not compartmentalized. It’s a beautifully complex system constantly working to achieve equilibrium, and when we’re internally balanced, we experience optimum health. One of the truest reflections of our health is our skin. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: If we want to know what’s going on inside our body, we should take a look in the mirror. The truth is written all over our face. Every line, wrinkle, crease, pimple, dark spot, and dry patch is a reflection that something isn’t right on the inside.

Accepting My Own Reflections

This concept took me a long time to not only understand, but to accept. I once thought I was relatively healthy, so it was hard to believe that I was still struggling with acne, candida, and eczema regularly. As I continued to learn more about the link between my  internal health and external symptoms, I discovered that these chronic conditions were really not separate ailments at all. They could all be pinpointed to poor digestion, and once I started learning what to eat to improve my digestive system, they began to go away. This was incredibly empowering! For the first time in my life, I no longer looked at my abnormalities as something greater than me - my life’s sentences. I now view them as messages, telling me to wake up and pay a little more attention to my body’s imbalances. Not only that, I was able to focus on a regimen that would finally get to the bottom of my issues.

Ancient Chinese Medicine

The truth is, this is nothing new or groundbreaking. Practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine have been using facial analysis to determine a person’s health for centuries. The basis of this philosophy is that energy flows through our body’s systems, ensuring that everything is working together to create internal balance. However, if there is too much toxicity in our system, blockages are created throughout the body and eventually show up as abnormalities.

Also called face mapping, this complex ancient practice examines the face and is able to connect external abnormalities to what’s going on inside the body and in our organs. Similar to acupuncture, all parts of the body, inside and out, correspond to one another depending on where they fall along the body’s meridians, also known as energy channels. In other words, skin texture, color, lines, spots, and breakouts on our face are signs of deeper issues within our body and organs.

Though complex and deep-rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, here are some basic examples of what we might learn from examining our face:

Regions 1 & 2: Digestive System

Breakouts and/or creases on the forehead corresponds with a congested digestive system, particularly the large and small intestines, colon, and gallbladder. Corresponding symptoms include constipation, irritation, and impaired absorption of nutrients. Digestive issues are commonly caused by eating large amounts of dairy,  unhealthy fats, and processed foods. On the other hand, if you have recently begun eating more nutrient-dense plant foods, such as green smoothies, more veggies and fruits, and whole grains, your body could also be releasing toxins at a rapid rate, which can also cause digestive upset. If you believe your skin abnormalities may be related to the latter, hang in there, drink lots of water, and know this is not your forever.

Region 3: Liver

Breakouts, dry patches, and deep vertical lines between the eyebrows might point to the liver being taxed with toxins and pathogens, typically from a diet high in dairy and meat, as well as alcohol, sugary foods, and medication. The liver, also part of the digestive system, is crucial for aiding the body in eliminating toxins. When it becomes over-burdened, however, it cannot do its job as well, which leads to an accumulation of toxic substances in the body.

Regions 4, 10, 6 & 8: Kidneys and Adrenals

The area around the eyes corresponds with the kidneys. If this area is swollen, sagging, or dark circles and crow’s feet appear, your kidneys may be struggling or your adrenals are exhausted. This is typically caused by the body being overloaded with stress, medication, alcohol, and too much mucus-forming food, such as dairy, meat, sugar, oils, and refined foods.

Regions 5 & 9: Lungs and Colon

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the lungs and colon are considered yin-yang (complementary) organs. Deep laugh lines suggest that not enough oxygen is reaching the lungs, perhaps from smoking or shallow breathing. It could also mean a significantly congested colon that is impeding on the lung meridian.

Region 7: Heart

The nose speaks volumes about the condition of the heart. Breakouts and redness can be directly related to blood pressure, which can be caused by stress, a high-salt and high-cholesterol diet, excess caffeine, and a sedentary lifestyle. As some people get older, their nose becomes considerably larger and bulbous, which has been linked to heart problems secondary to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Regions 11, 12, 13 & 14: Hormones and Colon

Breakouts around the chin and jaw area suggest a possible hormonal imbalance or congestion in the colon, both of which can be triggered by stress. Another problem can be an overgrowth of mucus, often caused by candida secondary to refined grains, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, animal products, and smoking. Hormonal issues, which can occur in both women and men, can lead to fertility problems, prostate issues, impotence, and low sex drive. 

Putting It All Together

It’s important to remember that these are mere guidelines to begin creating connections between your physical appearance and your health. Though facial analysis is an ancient practice that may seem mystifying to some and lack the scientific evidence many people rely on, one cannot deny that external abnormalities are linked to the inner-workings of our body on a deeper level. Remember, everything is connected. So listen up, your face is talking to you. 

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  • Wow! Interesting for sure - I've never realized our face has so much to say. I always thought the lines between my eyes were there because I would squint a lot.
    I have heard that the whites of our eyes has a lot to say about the inside of our bodies, but never heard of this skin comparison. The thing is, I think people who have been out in the sun also get some skin damage so some issues on our faces are related to the sun.
    I guess it's safe to say I have learned something new today!

  • I don't breakout much but when, I do I pull this blog up to try to figure out what is going on. I can say I think it has been right.

  • The face can say a lot about a person...

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