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Naturally Increase Blood Flow and Oxygen to the Brain

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Filling up on Brain Fuel

The brain requires more oxygen than any other organ for healthy functionality. Oxygen is the brain's main fuel. Physical activity or exercise is an excellent way to increase blood flow and release more oxygen to the brain. It improves your entire body's circulation and can even jump start your mind. Exercise can cause what some describe as a "natural high."

The Brain's Natural Drug

Endorphins (which are proteins that are natural pain relievers) are released when exercising, giving feelings of exhilaration and happiness. They also help combat stress and depression. People who are physically active are shown to be more confident and have higher self-esteem. Depression and anxiety are both conditions that are treated with medications, but with physical exercise and activity, the body's demand for those medications is lowered. The body is able to self-medicate when active.

Pumping up the Brain

Exercise gets your blood flowing naturally. When exercising, the amount of oxygen flow the brain requires increases, which also increases the blood flow. It is a great way to refuel your brain and can cause some people who feel like they have lowered energy levels, to get a second wind.

Studies show that exercise makes your brain more efficient. The smallest exercise or physical activities can get that oxygen and blood flowing through your body. Performing an aerobic routine, riding a bike, or walking briskly for a short amount of time can really get your body and mind going.

Smart Brain

Exercise also boosts brain cell production in the learning portion of your brain and, therefore, adds more brain power. There is a correlation between exercise and getting smarter while doing so. It helps clear the mind, and a person may be able to think more clearly and perform better during or after exercising. The brain starts making more room to learn more with the production of new cells. The more the brain is able to hold and obtain, the better it is able to function.

The Future of Your Brain

Accumulated exercise over the years and the constant flow of oxygen and blood to your brain, paired with building new cells in the brain call help lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Long lasting cognitive benefits of exercise include increased attention span, memory, and critical thinking - all common deficiencies in elderly persons. The amount of good a person can do for their mind and body at a younger age determines the condition of their physical and mental state they'll have in their later years.


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