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July 7, 2011 at 12:14 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Meditation in Motion

By John More Blogs by This Author

So often our lives are full of stress from the go-go-go mentality and practice. Very little do we get to take the time to stop and enjoy what it means to actually be alive. From the moment we get up, it seems like there is something to do, get breakfast ready for the family, get the kids to school, get ready for work, get to work, work hard all day, pick up the kids from school, get dinner ready, make sure the kids have their homework done, work in some family time, get the kids to bed, make sure to get some rest yourself and then start it all over the next day. As we move through life this way, stress starts to build up in both our mind and our body. Each day where we neglect to take out some time for ourselves another block of stress builds. Soon enough we are nothing but stressed on a consistent basis and the very activities and people that are most important to us are feeling the brunt of our frustration.

The catch with taking time out for oneself is that it takes time. The bottom line is that in order to maintain some type of peace in our lives, that time needs to be carved out on a regular basis, or life will catch up with you way too quickly.

Tai Chi is a perfect way to carve out that time for yourself. It has become a well known martial art form over the last decade due in fact to the caged fighting entertainment that has swept across the globe, but the martial forms of Tai Chi are merely a choice in study, not a requirement. The basis of Tai Chi is a flow, a centering of oneself through movement and inner peace. The meditative forms move in balance with the martial forms and can easily be used to relieve stress on a daily basis.

Though the truest Tai Chi forms are rather long, the meditative and health concentrated forms can take only twelve to fifteen minutes a day to practice...not that long at all. Tai Chi encourages introspection and a clearing of stress by allowing the mind to become calm and quite while the body focuses Chi along the moving planes. Each circular movement of the Tai Chi forms sends Chi to the stressors of the body and helps you to remove them. This practice allows you to gain some control over your stress and in turn take control over the stress throughout the day.

Imagine feeling centered, focused and energized throughout the day just because you took 15-20 minutes out of your morning to look inward and exercise while you were at it. I encourage all those looking for a way to find a vacation on a daily basis to look into learning Tai Chi. I recommend an instructor, but that isn't always possible with the time constraints we place upon ourselves. Videos and online classes have become widely available to the general public over the last few years and are great resources for the at home learner. Enjoy!

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  • John, it's nice to read about some alternatives to the usual sit and be still meditative processes. Thanks for the information!

  • There's more to come, stay tuned!

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