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LM1 Dilutions in Homeopathic Medicine

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This Author

Homeopathy is not just about creating natural alternatives to conventional medicines - it is a completely separate approach to health care, with its own views of illness, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. It also follows specific laws and principles that guide the creation and usage of homeopathic remedies. Among these is the homeopathic principle of minimum dose.

The minimum dose - using highly diluted ingredients to achieve optimal results - is one homeopathic law many Westerners have trouble grasping, at first.� Opposed to the conventional mentality that more is always better, the principle of minimum dose is a large part of what makes homeopathy so effective. Many may confuse a higher dilution with greater strength; however, within homeopathy, different dilutions are simply used for different purposes. Ingredients that are least diluted are generally used to target general conditions like stress, while those with highest dilutions are mainly used to target local symptoms.

In homeopathy, ingredient dilutions, or potencies, are denoted by a number and letter. The number indicates the amount of times the source ingredient was diluted, while the letter indicates the rate of dilution � X being the slowest rate of dilution used at a rate of 1/10, and LM being the fastest at a rate of 1/50,000.

Benefits of LM dilutions

LM potencies are the most gentle of homeopathic dilutions available, yet work deeply to heal the body.

As the potency with the fastest rate of dilution, LMs are extremely beneficial when used for deep healing of chronic health problems. They are also preferred for patients prone to aggravation. Negative side effects are so rare with LM potencies, many practitioners would say they are non-existent. Within homeopathy, there may be many different ingredients and dilutions available for the same purpose.

Dilutions are usually chosen by the nature of the patient�s condition - skin disease, cases of long-standing suppression, mental illness, and for the most serious, chronic, and acute health conditions. They may also be the chosen for something many conventional doctors overlook � behavior, emotion and personality of the patient.

Homeopaths recognize the innate connection between our behavior/mental health and our physical health. Because of their gentle action, LM dilutions are the preferred potency for a person who tends to be nervous, hyperactive, and sensitive to noise, light and crowds; a person whose mood may fluctuate quickly and is prone to allergies, chemical sensitivities, and trouble sleeping.

Traditionally, LM potencies have been the ideal choice for sensitive patients who may react negatively to less dilute potencies, but they are also useful for any condition requiring deep healing action.� In fact, there are some homeopaths who work exclusively with LM potencies and they are now being used for all types of people. Homeopaths appreciate the deep acting, yet gentle way LM potencies employ an ingredient, and when you use LM potencies, you�re sure to appreciate it too.


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