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Licorice Root: The Great Detoxifier

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Licorice root has been used for centuries to treat infections and as a dietary supplement. It is a legume and a native to southern Europe as well as some parts of Asia. Very little licorice is grown in the U.S., but is grown is some places like China for its medicinal purposes. In fact, licorice is found in most Chinese tonics and may be one contributing factor that keeps the Asian population generally healthy. Root of a licorice plant is widely used as a detoxifier. This means when taken, the root works in the body to expel unwanted materials and cleanse the system.

True or False: Besides ginseng, licorice root is seen as the Chinese "key to health".

TRUE! Licorice root is found in a higher number of products than any other herb or plant and is widely regarded as a vital nutritional supplement.

Licorice roots therapeutic functions are most effective in a) reproductive system b) liver c) digestive tract d) immune system or e) all of the above?

E) All of the above! Because of the vast uses licorice root encompasses, it is healthy and beneficial to almost all systems throughout the body. It contains the ability to detoxify and cleanse like nothing else can!

True or False: Licorice root helps PMS symptoms.

TRUE! It alleviates PMS symptoms that are caused by an excess buildup of toxic metabolic substances found in the body. Not only that, it increases the abilities of the liver to filter toxins out and has been used as treatment for liver specific diseases like hepatitis and cirrhosis.

True or False: Licorice has anti-inflammatory properties.

True! Licorice roots most important compound is glycyrrhetinic acid which is what enables it to act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

True or False: Licorice root extract is found in licorice candy.

False! In Europe the candies contain it but in America flavoring agents like anise are used.

Licorice derivatives appear to contain the ability to inhibit gastric secretions like acid. This expedites healing of a) fever blisters b) heartburn c) sore throat or d) ulcers?

D) Ulcers! Since licorice root is extremely beneficial for the gastro intestinal area, ulcers are healed much quicker, if not avoided altogether.

Through various studies, research shows licorice root to be: a) Antiarthritic b)antimicrobial c) anticholesterol d) anti-inflammatory e) antiasthmatic or f) all of the above?

F, all of the above! Because of the nutrition value in this root, it has an uncanny ability to normalize the immune system. When the immune system is functioning normally, it strengthens and can fight harder against ailments and infectious agents that try to invade the body! That means less symptoms and less problems for you!

Licorice is important to reproductive health in women, True or False?

True! Much of the available research on licorice root focuses on the plants estrogenic abilities. Subsequently, it releases hormones in women essential to balancing and relieving reproductive organs.

In some studies, licorice root has been found to stimulate production of what in the body? a) red blood cells b) white blood cells c) interferon d) steroids or e) macrophages.

C) Interferon! Interferons are natural proteins that are produced by the immune system. These glycoproteins prohibit harmful viral replication within the body.

According to ancient Chinese Medicine, licorice root is most effective when taken how? a) in candies b) in tonics and teas c) in increments, every three days or so or d) in combination with other herbs?

D) in combination with other herbs! Effectiveness of licorice root is enhanced when taken in a blend with other herbs.


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