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August 18, 2010 at 7:00 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Chinese Medicine: Not Just for the Chinese

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) dates back 6000 BC. While all cultures used herbs to create some form of medicine, the Chinese people may have had the best understanding  of the universe that surrounds all life on earth, and how humans fit into that picture. Their healing methods worked then and continue to work today. Because Chinese medicine is tried and true, with each passing day the long line of followers grows  - and not just of people with Chinese heritage.

Balance is the Key to Good Health

The Chinese view medicine in much the same way they view everything: as a whole. Their philosophy includes a very real admiration of, and respect for, the universe, which they believe plays a big part in everyday life. According to the Chinese, there is a Yin-Yang in all things. The Yin is the dark side of things and the Yang is the bright side of things. The two depend on one another for survival. In essence, they are opposites that together create balance. When the balance, or Yin-Yang, in the human body is thrown off kilter, the end result is disease.

Tao and Meridians

According to the Chinese, the circle of life is ongoing, starting with Tao, the Cosmic Law through which everything operates. Tao dictates Yin and Yang, and also recognizes the energy force the two create. This force is called Qi. Though there may be a variety of different forms of Qi within the body, the Qi that follows the 12 energy lines within the body, or Meridian lines, is the most important Qi. Meridian lines represent various organs within the body. According to TCM, each of the Meridians can be manipulated to help soothe the corresponding organ. This is apparent in reflexology, as well. And, because everything within the body is guided by energy, in order to balance the body, or be healthy, one must first balance the Yin and Yang, and attain a harmonious Qi flow. In order to do this, it's important to learn the principles of Tao.

Chinese Treatment of Cancer

In a recent study, researchers used a specific Chinese medicine to create what is being touted as the best cancer treatment to date. The medicine compound comes from a traditional Chinese herb, the sweet wormwood plant. This particular herb, artemisinin, has been a salad favorite in Asian countries for more than 2,000 years. Now, however, scientists have discovered how valuable this plant can be when it comes to fighting cancer. The drug is said to bypass good cells on its quest for cancerous cells. Once its target is in sight, it defeats the cancer cells, killing about 12,000 cancer cells to each healthy cell. According to Tomikazu Saqsaki, who was involved in its creation, "The compound is like a special agent planting a bomb inside the cell." Despite a lingering hesitancy to fully accept TCM in America, many are beginning to realize that it might be foolish to dismiss the sensible and time-tested methods of a culture much older than ours. Chinese medicine is a fascinating thing, and will no doubt offer great health wisdom in the future.


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