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September 11, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 2 Faves: 0

An Unexpected Journey with Reiki

By Anne Christen More Blogs by This Author

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that uses touch to keep the body’s energy at a constant and optimal flow. It is believed that certain factors like stress, mental and physical traumas and unhealthy behaviors disrupt this flow and cause disease. Coincidentally, I have a friend who is a licensed Reiki and reflexology practitioner. When she offered me a series of free energy sessions to help me deal with stress, I jumped at the chance.

A New Experience

On the day of our first appointment, I walked into her office and was met by the scent of lavender and the soft melody of calming music. “Sit on the couch, and take off your shoes,” Sharon gently instructed. “Then put all of your troubles into those shoes and leave them there.” I did as I was told, mentally dumping my problems into the soles of my tennis shoes. Then I lay down on the soft but narrow massage bed.


“If you don’t mind, I’m going to put a lavender pillow over your eyes,” Sharon said. I felt the pillow’s gentle pressure as I closed my lids. “Now breathe in deeply. Take big belly breaths, inhaling as far as you can, and let them out slowly until the air is completely out of your body.” I began inhaling and exhaling as she instructed, concentrating on getting it right. “Just relax,” Sharon said. “I’m going to begin some touching exercises, and you might respond with high emotions or joint pain. If something becomes too much for you, let me know and I’ll stop.”

Enveloped in scent, my breathing the only noise in the room, I felt Sharon’s touch begin on my shoulders. Her hands were surprisingly warm as she moved along my elbows, wrists, and hands. At one point, as she brushed my left arm in a series of sweeps, I felt an intense wave of emotion. I fought back tears as she repeated the motion. Once she left that arm, I was once more in control of myself. The feeling of sadness disappeared, and I felt only the warmth of her touch and the deepest, most pleasant relaxation I’ve ever experienced.

Sensory Association

Of particular note was the image I saw in my mind when Sharon touched my forehead. She held one finger directly in the center, and as she pressed, I saw a diamond appear behind my eyelids. That diamond stayed until she removed her finger, at which point it fluttered away in the shape of a tiny silver bird.


When she cradled my head in her hands, I felt like I was on top of a mountain, which is strange because I’ve never stood on a mountain before. Next, when she touched certain points on my back,  I witnessed clear water - like that when you stand on the shore and watch waves lap over your feet. I don’t know what either of these images might mean, but both of them relaxed my mind and left me feeling calm and happy.

As Sharon moved along various parts of my body – including my neck and knees – I began to see a gray light behind my eyes that followed her touch. The light left when she pulled her hands away. She began touching my feet after I flipped onto my stomach, and the light turned to green. I could see it out of the corner of my right eye, taking up a large space in the dark and moving with easy fluidity. Sometimes it faded to blue, but just as quickly it returned to its original green. Time and again this happened, until Sharon announced we were finished. The light left as quickly as it had come to me, but I continued to feel its presence even as Sharon helped me off the table and asked how I felt. 

“Amazing,” I replied. “I’ve never been so relaxed before. It was like I took a mystic trip.”


I proceeded to tell her about my experiences, and she was particularly interested in the diamond I had seen. “The spot I touched on your forehead is your third eye,” she said. “It’s related to your pineal gland and the release of hormones. We’ll have to explore that more on your next visit.”

Drinking Water

I also discussed seeing the green and blue light, which Sharon said was common. She then gave me a few pointers for minimizing stress in my life - such as trying to meditate before sleep and avoiding confrontation - and instructed me to drink plenty of water throughout the day. “Water will help your energy,” she said. “My work has regulated its flow, but you need to keep it consistent by avoiding stress and drinking water. That’s your homework until I see you next week.”

I don’t know if I’ll succeed with my homework, but I plan to try. That one-hour session gave me a renewed appreciation for my physical presence. I felt no pain, no discomfort, only a desire to return to the Reiki state and see what happens next.

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  • Interesting, I used to know someone in college who studied Reiki. Looking back I wish I had taken the opportunity to witness it, since she also said she studied magic too. It sounds absolutely relaxing, and also gives me questions on why the mind projects these images. It may be that the human mind has always had the potential to do these things, but we just have to tap into it -- a daily practice, that is refined over time. That sounds like the closest thing to magic that I have heard.

  • well this session sounds awesome. I've had massages before but not to this extent!

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