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Acid Reflux Drugs or Acid Reflux Natural Cures? — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Acid Reflux Drugs or Acid Reflux Natural Cures?


Acid reflux is a growing problem among Americans; over sixty million suffer from this condition every day. As sophisticated scientific treatments remain undiscovered, and people grow wary of dangerous side effects of prescription drugs, more and more Americans are turning to natural cures for their acid reflux.Read on to examine each treatment and then discuss with your health care provider which one may be right for you.

Acid Reflux Drugs

Drugs that reportedly cure acid reflux can be sold under prescriptions or over the counter.

OTC Acid Reflux Drugs

The most common OTC acid reflux drugs are antacids and H2 blockers. You should be aware that these products address only the symptoms and not the cause of acid reflux.

  • Antacids work by reducing the acid in the stomach which in turn reduces acid reflux.There are also variations that can form a foam blockage between the stomach and esophagus to prevent back up. However, side effects of prolonged usage can include increased risk of kidney stones; diarrhea or constipation; and increased risk of kidney failure.
  • H2 blockers reduce acid secretion in the stomach, reducing acid reflux.Side effects include headache, diarrhea, dizziness and rashes.Digestive complications can also occur.

Prescription Acid Reflux Drugs

For more severe cases of acid reflux a prescription might be issued. These medications will include prescription-strength H2 blockers and proton-pump inhibitors, which work similarly to H2 blockers but reportedly faster.Long-term use will likely be necessary and you can expect prescription grade side effects.

Acid Reflux Natural Cures

Natural cures for acid reflux involve two different types: lifestyle change and herbal supplements.


Incorporating changes into your lifestyle may be all you need to control your acid reflux.The first step is to reduce or eliminate foods that cause acid reflux. These include:

  • Foods that are high in fat, i.e. fried foods, high fat meat and high fat dairy products
  • Sodas, Coffee, Tea, or other caffeinated beverages
  • Acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons, and the juices that are made from them
  • Acidic vegetables like tomatoes and raw onions
  • Garlic, Alcohol, Chocolate, Peppermint and spear mint which all weaken the lower esophageal sphincter muscle
  • Pepper and chili peppers which can irritate already damaged esophagus lining

Eliminating some of these foods from your diet may also benefit your acid reflux in another way-you can lose weight! Being over weight is known to be linked to acid reflux, so a healthy diet is your best defense.

Sleeping on an acid reflux pillow or some propped pillows may also be a beneficial lifestyle change.Because lying down can worsen heartburn, keeping yourhead and chest elevated is a good idea to keep the acid from making its way up your esophagus.

Herbal Supplements

Home remedies can be very effective against acid reflux. Inexpensive and easy to make, the following list is a good approach for someone who is wary of prescription and over the counter drugs:

  • Fresh pineapple and its juice; contains enzymes beneficial to digestion and healing
  • Herbal tea to decrease the amount of acid in the stomach
  • Cinnamon, a reputed antacid
  • Chicory Root Tea is well known to soothe heartburn
  • The dried skin of organic grapefruit also relieves heartburn.


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