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October 21, 2007 at 3:33 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Acid Reflux and Weight Gain


Acid Reflux and Weight Gain: A Personal Story Acid Reflux disease and unhealthy weight walk hand in hand. When I was severely overweight, I had difficulty chewing bites small enough to swallow. Because of this, I would hurry to finish my meals and swallow too much air. It caused the hydrochloric acid in my stomach to rise up and eat at my esophagus. Not surprisingly, most physicians will tell acid reflux patients to lose weight. This should decrease the symptoms of acid reflux. When I lost weight, it made allthe difference. It opened my airways and removed the pressure from my esophagus, making it easier to swallow food. After putting off the pounds, I had to maintain my new eating habits. Modern fried and junk foods created our current unhealthy weight crisis. The typical family consumes the opposite of a healthy diet. Fatty, acidic foods should be avoided except in extreme moderation. It's important to consume the proper vitamins and nutrients your body needs to keep off the pounds, and also to keep your stomach in a healthy condition. I've seen it myself - losing weight is essential to managing acid reflux disease.


Photo Credit: WellpathClinic

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  • I would have never known that there was any relation between being overweight and acid reflux. I makes sense though. To me it is kinda gross to know that is going on in my body. Thank you.

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