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Ways to Help Treat Sun-Damaged Skin


Even though the suns warmth and golden rays on your skin may feel really nice, the truth is that these can take its toll on your skin before you even notice it. This is particularly true if your skin is left untreated on a hot summer day, so dont let that happen and learn how to protect your skin from the harmful suns rays. Here are some useful tips on how to accomplish it, as well as on how to treat your sun-damaged skin if necessary, so check them out and get down to business!

Is the sun really harmful to your skin?

Yes, we know that the majority of ladies enjoy spending time in the sun, without even realizing how harmful it can be especially for their skin. In case you werent aware of it, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots are associated with exposure to the sun for a good reason. In fact, sun exposure is a major factor in their development and how early they appear, but do you know why that is? Well, thats because UV light negatively affects elastic tissue and damages collagen in the skin. It then becomes fragile and cant get back into its original shape, which causes loose skin and sagging. Apart from that, some people can also get white cysts and blackheads on the cheekbones from sun exposure, together with white and dark spots due to the damaged surface cells of the skin. Needless to say, too much sun is bad for your skin, so be aware of that and take proper care of it no matter what. Better safe than sorry, right?

How to protect your skin from the harmful suns rays

When it comes to protecting your skin from the harmful suns rays, sunscreen is the first and the most important thing you should bear in mind before exposing your skin to the sun. As prevention is the best weapon, be sure to get a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor), which protects your skin from UVB rays the kind that causes sunburns and contributes to skin cancer. On the other hand, UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper than UVB, and these play a huge role in skin aging and wrinkling. Apart from a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, you should also pick garments such as long-sleeved tops and loose-fitting pants in pastel colors that will act as a barrier between the sun and your skin. Of course, wide-brimmed hats and UV-blocking sunglasses will protect the areas that can get easily damaged by the sun your head, neck, and around your eyes. Summer scarves are a good idea, too, especially when youre at the beach or by the pool and you need to cover your shoulders and arms, so make sure to always have one in your beach bag as well.

How to treat sun-damaged skin?

However, if you somehow fail to reapply your sunscreen regularly and your skin gets damaged by the sun, its important to be familiar with effective remedies for treating it with success. For example, serums and lotions that contain vitamin C are extremely beneficial simply because vitamin C is an antioxidant that combats premature skin aging by fighting free radicals that can damage collagen. On the other hand, you can treat sun spotswith products that contain fruit acid gel that gradually erases sun damage and fine lines while gently exfoliating the surface of the skin at the same time. Such a product can make smaller scars less visible over time, too, which is another benefit that shouldnt be overlooked. Besides those effective skincare products that nourish your sun-damaged skin from the outside, you should also upgrade your diet in order to keep your skin healthy and properly hydrated on the inside. Drinking at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis is an absolute must, as well as eating foods with the highest water content watermelons, cucumbers, oranges, raspberries, green peppers, celery, and many more. Foods rich in vitamin C are also highly required since these promote healing and boost collagen production, which is why you should incorporate these into your diet as soon as possible.

As you can tell, there are a lot of things you should know about ways to protect your skin from the harmful suns rays and treat the sun-damaged skin if necessary. All you have to do is to stick to our useful tips and guidelines and you wont make a mistake thats a promise!

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