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May 25, 2011 at 4:37 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Suntan Lotion - The Facts

By Barnaby More Blogs by This Author

I’m going to be using a LOT more suntan lotion this summer.

Many of my friends are talking about the first sunburn of 2011. (It was 60 and sunny yesterday and everyone went outside to do something.) Funny thing about sun protection...we don’t think about it until it gets hot enough to go to the beach. I’m thinking about it more now that friends are popping up here and there with skin cancer.

After a little online research I ‘ve discovered that when it comes to suntan lotion I didn’t know know my SPF from my UVA!


The first thing I learned is that there are 2 types of rays coming at you. UVB and UVA:


The UVB is what burns, BUT...


...the UVA is what does the deep damage, causing wrinkles and can lead to Cancer. 

Selecting the Best Lotion.

Given this, experts warn that UVA protection is what we need to most protect against. Dematologists caution that many lotions claim protection against UVA, but most are incomplete. The best protection against the UVA are lotions that contain avobenzone, zinc oxide titanium dioxide or Mexoryl SX.

What The Numbers Mean.

Before I read the article I also thought that SPF # is all I needed to care about...after all if I use SPF 100 I can stay out in the Sun 100 times longer than if I had no protection. I was wrong!  Experts say that SPF 15 blocks 93% of the harmful rays, SPF 30 blocks matter how high an SPF you never get higher than 97% ( the high number means you need apply less often, but it you sweat or go in the water you need to reapply anyways)

Lastly, and this is huge, you need to put on waaay more lotion that I ever thought! Everytime you put lotion on you have to glop it on. 2 oz’s, a palm full for full body coverage!

Like I said at the top-

“I’m going to be using a lot more suntan lotion this Summer!"

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