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Minoxidil Side Effects: Curing Hair Loss for the Stake Your Health — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Minoxidil Side Effects: Curing Hair Loss for the Stake Your Health


Whilst Minoxidil is a viable option for men suffering from male-pattern baldness, it is very important that all the possible side effects of Minoxidil are considered, and fully understood before someone starts taking the medication. Around 40% of men experience hair regrowth with Minoxidil but there are millions wary enough of the Minoxidil side effects to avoid it and seek alternative hair loss solutions.

As with any medication, the associated risks and side effects must be factored in alongside the positives it may have. Therefore, we will give you a detailed overview of the most common side effects of Generic Rogaine for men to assist you in deciding whether Minoxidil is a hair loss solution you want to consider.

Side-effects of Minoxidil

As popularly known, Minoxidil has noticeable side-effects on your skin. Burning, itching, and skin rash at the area of application are some of the most common symptoms men have faced during their hair loss treatment with the medication. Below are some other side effects of Minoxidil:

Unwanted hair growth:Men consuming minoxidil can experience unwanted body/facial hair growth over their body. The reason being this medicine affects hormones and can sometimes cause imbalance too.

Irregular heartbeat:One of the major, serious side-effects of minoxidil that noticeable number of men has faced is a fast/irregular heartbeat. This condition can get chronic for heart patients.

Dizziness:The feeling of being dizzy has also been reported by men who have taken this hair growth medicine. Sometimes, our body reacts in this way to show sign of refusal to a particular medicine.

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