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September 12, 2011 at 12:40 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

How to Beat Acne Like a G6

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author


Everything is in check. Your hard work and determination is paying off! You have become a healthier person! Maybe you have lost some weight or changed some habits that dramatically affected your appearance. You make all these changes and you're on the brink of looking the best you possibly can but then, you get hit with some unsightly pimples!


It's super dumb how much acne can affect your appearance. Everyone wants to look their best, and maybe you have made really big strides in improving your look, this blog is your guide to not letting acne ruin all your hard work!


If you want you can panic. I don't care! But once you come to your senses you will need a plan. Maybe you have a gathering in a few days or weeks and need it gone now! Now this is coming from a guy perspective, so ladies if you have some sort of awesome temporary makeup solution more power to you, but if you are a guy, RULE #1 is don't use thosepanic button tinted coverup creams. Baadd choice especially if you are pale or black or any other color that isn't a fake looking orange.

The first step is to make sure you are washing your face properly, making sure you aren't drying it out. Those exfoliating cleansers clean really deep, but if you use them too much you can get dry flakey gross skin. There are a lot of good cleansers you can use everyday as a part of your shower routine and maybe save the deep cleaning stuff for 2 or 3 times a week.  

So after you have washed your face throughly in the morning you might want to apply some vanishing cream with the ingredient of benzoyl peroxide. The prescription strength vanishing is typically 10% benzoyl peroxide and works the best. (Neutragena makes a pretty good one for about $4.) Make sure you rub this in really good so you don't get any weird white marks on your face.  

This next step will improve the quality of your skin immensely! Use good facial lotion every morning. Some have salicylic acid in them which can help reduce break outs. Aveeno makes really good lotions for this. The "clear complexion" and "daily moisturizer" leave your skin feeling awesome and really even the skin out. Also, most of these lotions have spf 15 sunblock in them so you are protecting yourself from the sun as well!

STUFF to do at night

When you are about to go to sleep start by cleansing your face with a cotton pad and a cleanser. This isn't a super deep clean but will get a lot of dirt out. There are pre-soaked cotton pads with the cleanser already in them and then cleansers that you need you put on the pad yourself, either will work. Usually the active ingredient in them is salicylic acid.

Then you can apply your vanishing cream again, focusing on areas with pimples. If you like you can apply some lotion to keep your skin nice and happy. Also, some of those "deep cleansers" that I mentioned earlier double as a "refining mask." You can leave it on affected areas for 10 or 20 minutes or go to sleep with it on all over your face. That dries your skin out hardcore, but can rapidly increase the speed of the results you want.  

This next trick is a little less known but is super simple and helps tremendously. When you lay down at night make sure the surface you are resting your face on for 8 hours is clean. If you are using the same pillowcase night after night dead skin cells and other junk you don't want clogging your pores builds up on it. So change your pillowcase frequently or put a fresh towel on your pillow every night!

Break out the Schwerer Gustav!

So now you are doing everything you can do to your skin from the outside to prevent acne! But this isn't the "sorta get rid of acne" blog! Your going to beat it!  Like a G6!  Because you're so fly! This is about kicking acne in the teeth, throwing dust in its face, and never hearing back from it!

So now it's time to break out the Shwerer Gustav (aka the gustavreally big gun that the germans used in wwII) of acne fighting awesomeness! It's called tetracycline! You do need a prescription for this but it doesn't take any kind of special acne problem to get it. It costs like $4 for 30 pills and absolutely destroys pimples! All you do is take a pill in the morning and one at night! Just make sure you drink a full glass of water and try to not have food with it.

If you follow all these tips you'll be feeling fly in no time.

(For you that absolutely hate me for using that song as a theme, hey, it's gonna be okay. We are gonna laugh at this one day :D)

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  • Tetracycline is a prescription medicine only, I know I was on it for many years. The cost can vary depending on your health insurance prescription cost. After being on it for many years, it stopped working, your body can get "use to it" and it stops being effective and your acne can flare up again. I had to switch to another prescription for acne. Also, while on Tetracycline it is important that you take precaution while being in the can intensify sun take care to use sunscreen and limit your sun exposure while on this medication. Tetracycline is an antibiotic for acne.

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