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July 30, 2013 at 12:03 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

How Bad is Sunburn?

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

I recently took a trip to Tampa, Florida! It was really fun, I met a thousand people and don't remember half of them. I ate at a place called "The Yummy House" where I encountered a very attractive waitress that had a Mandalorian symbol tattooed to her right forearm and then later met the Anti-Dayton. It was trippy, he was an early 20s black actor/waiter who's name was Dayton meeting an early 20s white filmmaker/ex-waiter. 

After all of those adventures, I thought it might be fun to head to the beach! And I did! I said to myself, "Self, you are a very white person of strong German descent, isn't it time to not be so ghostly pale?" SO then I purchased me a can of SPF 25 sunscreen. It is going to give me protection while at the same time giving me enough exposure to get a tan right!? RIGHT?!!

It's funny, even when I was making these poor decisions I knew I wasn't using good judgment. As it turns out, my skin burned like tinder under a plasma cutter. After a mere 2 hours of the brutal (it was a cloudy day) Tampa sun, my entire body had turned inexplicably warm. Interestingly enough, the burn wasn't readily visible, I could only see it on my shoulders. Hours later, in the comfort of my friends apartment, I looked in the mirror, and oh crap. It happened, I got burnnnedd. Immediately I started to panic, obviously I have cancer over here, people! Someone rub balsam on me or something! AHH!

Days later, now that the burn has left my body, I am stricken with a grievous itch...but now being in a much clearer state of mind, I decided to do some research about how badly I am going to suffer from skin cancer and to maybe see how much prevention is really necessary.

What Sunburn does to your skin.

According to these guys the UV rays from the sun mutate the skin cells in the skin (which is bad) and usually gets fixed, but sometimes it DOESN'T! The difference between a sunburn and the regular "crap that was hot" type burn is the UV radiation. A "crap that was hot" burn just damages your cells, a process that the body can fix pretty easily, it just takes time. The mutated cells that are sometimes left from a sunburn can spawn more mutated cells and eventually become all out of control and stuff! Then you get melanoma and die.

Apparently, also according to those guys, the reason that a sunburn is so warm is because a person's body will send copious amounts of blood to the skin to sort the whole issue out. AND, according to THESE GUYS someone DIES of melanoma every 57 minutes! SO PAY ATTENTION!

What to do.

I feel like this is a super common sense blog. The only thing is that the writer just got sunburned not even a week ago, so *shrug* you got me man. The easiest way to not get skin cancer and then die is to not get over exposed by the sun in the first place. If you are a super-white child of Eurasia I would recommend keeping pretty close tabs on the time spent in the sun, and when to re-apply the sunblock. I can't be an advocate of no-sun, because the sun is awesome! Let's just be careful and stuff! :D

If anything, I hope this blog served as a small reminder that the giant ball of burning gas in the sky we call the sun will turn on us like a crazy ex-girlfriend and burn every inch of your body. So use sunblock. And maybe change your phone number and move. 

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  • How about SPF 30 - even I use that and I'm not completely white!

  • Sunburn update - my lips got sunburn while taking a 70' sailboat ride the other weekend on Lake Michigan. I mean it was a beautiful day in September and a sweater was needed, but the sun still got us! And yes my face and lips got burned, but it was totally worth it.

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