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Can Some Foods Cause Hair Loss? — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 13, 2007 at 9:32 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Can Some Foods Cause Hair Loss?


Balding is most commonly known to be Male Pattern Baldness, occurring commonly in men and rarely in women. Male Pattern Baldness follows, exactly as it implies, a particular pattern. It begins in the temples and recedes from there, frequently also appearing as a bald patch in the middle of the head. Baldness is associated with aging, and therefore not usually a desirable quality. Hair loss has often been the butt of jokes and the source of shame, but the causes are not often understood, and neither are the options available to those who suffer from it. The cause of Male Pattern Baldness is the conversion of testosterone to DHT. DHT causes hair follicles to decrease in size until they"ve either disappeared or become so small that the hair cannot grow. This can be caused by poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, aging, hormone changes, surgery and certain medications. Male Pattern Baldness is also often determined by simple genetics. Some people are simply predetermined to start losing their hair. Hair loss usually begins after age 25, but can begin earlier in rare cases. There are certain foods that accelerate the aging process, and that inhibit the things essential to maximum hair health. Eating processed foods can speed up hair loss. They lack the digestive enzymes and nutrients we need to help us keep looking young and healthy. Soft drinks, fried foods, fast food, sugars - they'll do nothing to help you keep your hair. Neither will smoking. Cigarettes is one of the fastest ways to age yourself. Foods high in animal protein, salt and fat create extra work for the kidneys and can create a more acidic blood, a symptom of which is hair loss. A vitamin deficiency can also speed up or cause hair loss. Even stress can accelerate the rate of balding. It may seem hard to change your diet, especially when most convenience foods are only hurting you, but compare the ease of switching to a healthy diet with the other ways to beat hair loss. With hair replacement surgery, you are actually transplanting working follicles to other areas of your head. This involves a lot of time, it's extensive and it's often quite painful. Prescriptions solutions often have chemicals that can cause side effects, such as irritation in the scalp, or even a decrease in sexual libido and performance. Fortunately, there are ways to jump start your healthy living and slow down hair loss. All-natural, herbal supplements are safe, available solutions.

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