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Hair and Skin

Our hair and skin are typical concerns for cosmetic reasons, but can also be indicators of our health. This community is dedicated to the healthiest hair and skin possible by recognizing potential blunders, as well as best practices, to ensure that we all look and feel our best!

Dry Skin Brushing Guide: Fight Cellulite and Promote Detox!

Dry brushing is an easy, inexpensive, and simple way to keep our skin clear of clogging debris, which can significantly assist in our body s… Read More ▶

Watch Out for These 7 Rashes - They Could Be Signs of a Serious Disease

This skill as a doctor is served mostly in reassuring patients that their concerns are self-limited or not ultimately harmful. Occasionally, however, something seemingly minor… Read More ▶

Skin Burn: Answers to My Patients' 5 Most Common Questions

Grilling food, playing outdoors and fireworks-- favorite summer passtimes. What do they have in common? If you said 4th of July your correct. But they… Read More ▶

Studies Cast Doubt on Some Sunscreen Claims: Can You Trust YOUR Sunscreen's SPF Label?

Summer is finally here! After this long winter, I ve been trying to maximize my time outside in the nice weather. But with the summer… Read More ▶

[Looking Good] Complexion Enhancers

Sometimes a beauty product comes into my possession that is so great I have to share it with other and other times several do! Hello… Read More ▶

[Looking Good] November Beauty Review

I m as pasty white as they come so my new beauty regimen requires that I find a way to add a warm suitable-for-winter glow… Read More ▶

Hair Loss: Chapter 1

Pattern hair loss is a common phenomena that is fueled by both genetics and hormones. Though no definitively successful therapy has emerged to regenerate and… Read More ▶

Tips for Healthier Nails

Our fingernails are a reflection of our health, nutrition, hygiene - even our artistic side. As such, here are a few tips to keep them… Read More ▶

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