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I leveled five characters to level 50 — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 23, 2019 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

I leveled five characters to level 50


Throw players a present of double XP to get a weekend in Star Wars: The Old Republic atthis web, or even in the case of last July, three weekends. Over the American Thanksgiving holiday, SWTOR made it happen again, and I decided that I would take full advantage of it. Laura Williams, Lee Snyder, and I leveled five characters to level 50 within 18 hours over that weekend, and after this, I'm going to inform you how we made it happen.

Go into your character screen by pressing C and select ship and you will probably see a number of parts that could be upgraded appreciate your gear for the character. These upgrades should be made for you to get or perhaps you wont survive for very long in the later space missions. You can either purchase them for credits or fleet commendations that you just earn through space battles. They can be crafted using Cybertech also.Combine doing PvP with space missions. This is what which i do, leveling from PvP can be efficient and combined its more efficient.

If you are well on a free-to-play account, you could possibly pick up cool items of purple-bordered gear that say they need artifact authorization to equip you cannot equip it unless you are subscribed or have purchased the expensive artifact unlock. The good news is you dont need great gear to complete your class story you'll be able to choose to offer that purple-bordered item or save it for in case you subscribe later.. but youll likely out level it quickly.

Once you attain the fleet at about level 10 withffxiv gil, youll be capable of buy and sell things within the GTN. Good things to market include unbound gear, crafting materials, and companion gifts you dont anticipate using.

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