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The biggest problem created for the environment by human activities is pollution. It is currently the most crucial issue to deal with as it is affecting the environment and indirectly us because we habituate our environment.

Packaging Pollution:

If we look inside the rubbish can, we can identify many products just by their colourful packaging. Packaging of most of the products is non-biodegradable, for instance, the polyethene (low density) which is used for agricultural sacks and detergent bottles and wrapping film can remain unchanged for several years resisting to environmental breakdown. Each year tons of plastic waste is produced, which is too much for landfills to cope. It is estimated that it takes around 450 years for plastic to biodegrade. This unstoppable waste production is causing all types of pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, coastal pollution and the most important being the land pollution.

Impact of packaging Pollution: All this pollution is negatively affecting our environment.

Depletion of natural resources: Almost every product comes in packaging. For the tons of products, we need tons of packaging, which is causing the depletion of our natural resources.

Destruction of marine life: The waste thrown in oceans is destroying marine life. For example, the turtles are dying because they choke on the plastic waste mistaking it for the jellyfish.

Disruption of the ecosystem: As some of the waste takes many years to disintegrate, it disrupts many environmental cycles and food chains directly affecting wildlife. Due to land pollution, tourism can also decrease affecting their economies.

Solution to packaging solution: Environmental-friendly packaging

As packaging is tailor-made for a product, we cannot omit to package. Also, only 30 per cent of the total plastic waste packaging is being degraded. So, the best alternative is to use eco-friendly packaging. Environmental-friendly packaging which may also be called as 'green or sustainable packaging' as it is excellent and safe for the environment and the individuals. It uses renewable energy and recycled materials as much as they possibly can. It includes the packaging utilizing plant materials, for instance, flax and discourages the use of non-recyclable packagings such as PVCs and some others. It gives less damage to the environment as compared to non-environmental-friendly packaging as it is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Some eco-friendly boxes can be used in their original form after the first use, some can be recycled to be used again and again, and some may degrade but in an environmentally friendly way.Environmental friendly packaging not only saves our environment from pollution and destruction but also increases the sales of the product. A study shows that people are moving more towards the use of eco-friendly packaging so they will prefer the product with the same packaging. EPA also encourages the companies to use eco-friendly packaging and may help them and small businesses in making this transition.

eco-friendly boxes

Packaging materials, which are biodegradable here, are given some of the biodegradable packaging materials, which can be a good option for the companies to use, as their disposal is not an issue because they return to the environment they come from.

1. Paper: it is a bio-degradable and reusable material. Most of the packaging material we see now is made from paper.

2. Cardboard: it is just like paper as it can be a great substitute, but it should not be laminated. They are not only environmental friendly boxes but also budget-friendly boxes.

3. Cornstarch: it can be obtained from plants and can be substituted for bubble wrap as it fully decomposes.

4. Biodegradable plastics: Some plastics, which decompose on exposure to the sunlight, can be of great use in plastic bags etc.

5.Solutions using eco-friendly packaging:It is time we should pay more attention to eco-friendly ways. Here are some of the solutions we can try to protect our environment as much as we can:

1.Environmental friendly packaging included paper bags should be used by the companies as well as the consumers instead of polythene bags, which takes ages to degrade and cause pollution.

2.Cardboard boxes, which are primary packaging material, must be made of recycled paper even the gifts should be given in eco-friendly gift boxes wholesale.

eco-friendly box packaging

3.As we are using eco-friendly packaging, we must also lose for eco-friendly tape. This should also be utilized in home-based businesses such a homemade soap making where you should use eco-friendly soap packaging like custom eco-friendly boxes.

4.Bubble wraps which protect many essential things cannot be recycled to it is suggested to use biodegradable plastic for padding of the products. If we want our environment to last right for our future generations, we must take measures to protect it and using environmentally friendly packaging is one of them.

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