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A Guide to Renewable Living

By IslaWright More Blogs by This Author

With the rising demand for energy in the modern world, it's becoming clear that traditional energy production is not enough. Technology is constantly improving and renewable energy is now widely available at an affordable price. The consciousness of consumers is changing as more and more people move towards renewable energy sources. if you want to join the increasing number of people that care about the environment and at the same time, save money.

Wind power

Wind turbines use the kinetic energy of the wind to produce electricity. This type of energy production is a good choice for households that have high energy consumptions. These turbines, however, cost a lot to install and are not the ideal choice for everyone. The most important thing to determine before choosing this type of energy production is the wind strength in your area. Given the cost of the turbines, they are only profitable if the wind strength is consistent throughout the year. This is usually the case for rural areas or coastal regions. Wind turbines do produce some noise and it's recommended to not install them right next to your home, having enough space is therefore also an important factor. Some areas do require planning permissions to erect such structures so you should check local zoning laws before investing in this type of energy.


Solar power is currently the most popular choice of renewable energy. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, this type of energy production doesn't depend as much on the location. Most areas do get enough sunlight during the year to make this a profitable choice. The second reason this type of energy production is so popular is its fast-developing technology and affordable price. Solar panels have become very affordable over the years due to the huge investments that are being made in this field. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the type of solar systems. For example, you might choose between a small 3kW solar system, a reliable 5kW solar system and a more powerful 10kW solar system. It really all comes down to your personal energy consumption and preference.


Biomass is the organic material that is being produced by plants and animals. This material contains a lot of energy that has been absorbed from the sun through the process of photosynthesis. When burned, the energy is released as heat. In the past, people used to throw away a lot of these materials but new technologies have made it possible to convert them into energy. This way, we increase energy production while at the same time also lowering waste output. The most obvious way to use biomass is by burning wood and garbage and transforming it into heat. But it's also possible to use agricultural crops, food waste and animal manure to produce energy. Whether this type of energy production is a good choice for you largely depends on the availability of such materials in your area.


Using the power of moving water to produce energy is not a new concept. People have been using hydro plants for a very long time now with huge success. But while huge plants that provide energy to entire countries are nothing new, the use of smaller plants has become popular in recent years as well. Households that are located next to rivers have the option of installing smaller plants and use that energy to power their homes. This type of energy production is extremely reliable in areas with constant water flows and is, at the same time, environmentally friendly and safe.


Geothermal energy production relies on heat from within the earth. Because it uses energy that is stored within the earth, it produces no waste and has no negative side effects to the environment. This type of energy production, however, is limited to very specific areas only. The Earth's crust consists of pieces called tectonic plates. The plates are thinnest at the areas where two plates meet. In those areas, a lot of magma and hot water is released to the surface, which can be used to produce electrical energy or heat buildings. The hot water that is being released can also be directly used for bathing.

Renewable energy is the future. It's both cheaper and friendlier for the environment, making it perfect for every household. Certain types of energy production cost a lot to install but end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. It's, therefore, a good idea to invest in these systems as soon as possible. Which system you end up using largely depends on your area and the availability of natural resources. But whatever your choice might be, there is really no excuse to delay it.

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