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I have alot of medical problems and i am on ambien 10mg. 1 a day,prenatal plus 1 a day,soma 350mg. 4 a day,tylenol#4 300-60mg. 6 a day,zocor 80mg. 1 a day,paxil 20mg. 3 a day,lisinopril 10mg. 1 a day,keppra 500mg. 2 a day,fosamax 70mg. 1 a week,valium 10mg. 4 a day,vitamin b-12 injections 1,000mcg/ml 2 a month,buspirone 30mg. 2 a day,albuterol sulfate .5mg. 4 vials a day,pro-air hfa 90mcg. inhaler 2 puffs 3 to 6 a day,epipen 0.3mg. auto-injector as needed,flonase 50mcg. spray 2 spays into each nostril 1 a day,zyrtec 10mg. 1 a day,compazine 10mg. 3 a day,evening primrose oil 1,000mg. 3 a day,hydrocortisone cream usp 2.5% 2 to 4 a day,premarin cream .5mg 2 a week,estratest .625/1.25 1 a day,ensure plus 8oz. 8 cans a day and last of all systane balance lubricant eye drops 2 drops each eye as needed for acute dry eyes! with taking all these medications-would taking the bee pollen capsules be beneficial to my health or not???? Thank You! Denise Gersky P.S. My Doctor likes the idea and believes that it would be beneficial to my health. What do you think????

denise asked this
May 18, 2012 at 1:12 AM



Amazing answer Erin!!!!! Seriously. I read this question and was overwhelmed at the list of meds. Too much for me to even think about. Well done pointing out the side effects and drug interactions that are probably taking place.

sprouty answered
May 23, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Thanks, Sprouty! :) I was just doing my best to help.

Erin Froehlich answered
May 24, 2012 at 8:22 AM

Thanks Erin! I have been on this meds. for 11 years! my ex husband hit me in the back of my head with a coffee cup then 2 weeks later i went to see my mom in the hospital and stepped on a rusty pin on her stairs,1 week later i had lockjaw and was told i was heading for seizures because I have a close head injury from my ex husband! Also my doctor has a home nurse come to my home and checks on me!! I made a chart to make sure i that my meds. the safe way!!! so we all know i will be ok!!!!! Denise

denise answered
June 1, 2012 at 11:56 AM

I am getting bathroom rails so i dont fall when i am taking a shower!!

denise answered
December 12, 2012 at 12:59 AM
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