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What Is Killing Your Real Estate Seo?

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Is Real Estate SEO dead? Is one of the most common questions we receive from multiple clients. Our definitive answer is no. Real estate SEO is alive, and it is what is currently separating the big shots in the market and the mediocre entrepreneurs. If SEO is not dead, why is my website not ranking well on Google? Worry not as we got you covered. In this article, we shall investigate what is killing your Real estate SEO? Hopefully, by the end of the blog piece, you will have a clear understanding of where you need to changes for a better Google ranking.

Content Duplication

Have you ever heard of plagiarism? If so, you have a foundation of what it means to have plagiarized work; you will have a better understanding of how plagiarism affects your Google ranking. In a lame man language, plagiarism is referred to copying and stealing some else work online without giving out proper credits. Come to think of it is theft, and Google does not tolerate thieves online. When you are found with plagiarized work, Google fines and destroys your Google ranking.

If you are in doubt about your content being original, you can use Copyscape to analyze all of your content. It may cost you as Copyscape is a paid software, but it will be worth it.

Not knowing how to utilize Keywords.

Keywords play a crucial role while promoting your Real Estate SEO. However, they are some content creators who do not understand how the use of keywords can negatively affect your Google ranking. So how does the use of keywords negatively your Real Estate SEO?It comes down to keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is forcing keywords into your content. As per Google guidelines, your keywords should have a natural flow. So if you are still not sure what is killing your Google ranking, make sure that you check the use of keywords in your work. Do your keywords have a natural flow? Or are you forcing them into your content?

Avoiding Mobile Optimization

So after weeks of thinking of the best real estate website design, you have finally have a real estate website running. Quick question, how does your website appear on mobile phones? How fast does the pages load on mobile phones? One of the most common mistakes we have seen in recent years is entrepreneurs forgetting to optimize their websites on mobile phones. So how does this affect your overall Real estate SEO ranking?

A recent study showed that 67% of clients are more willing to buy and check out your product and services if your website is mobile-friendly. While a poorly mobile-optimized website clients have a 61% of leaving your site in the first 45 seconds of going into your website.

Failing to Update Yourself with the latest Google SEO techniques

We are living in an advanced technological age; countless people are working to providing the best innovation into the world. The same case does apply to Real estate SEO. SEO is advancing and evolving, as well. To remain at the highest point of Google searches, you have to be aware of these progressions and apply present-day SEO methods.

If you continue applying the old SEO methods, at that point, you may wind up getting punished. Those days are gone, and you are maybe killing your real estate rankingToday, Google is more intelligent than previously. As of late, Google made an algorithmic update called Google BERT that causes Google to comprehend the substance and client questions more readily.

If you need to prevail with SEO, at that point, you ought to embrace present-day SEO systems. Customary SEO procedures can punish your site, destroying any chance of your website appearing on the first pages of Google searches.


After reading our blog, have you identified what is killing your Real estate SEO? If you have identified what is killing your Google ranking, try to make the right changes. If you are still yet to determine what is killing your ranking, then do not feel shame to reach out to us in the comment section below or through our emails. Our team of experts is always willing and ready to help you out. We are only one email away.

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