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Just as obesity and unhealthy eating have taken their toll, so has heart diseases. Heart disease is a broad term which includes all the diseases which are not only related to the heart, but also to the circulatory system. Hence, it is appropriate to say that the term heart disease also covers cardiovascular diseases.

There are so many reasons for heart disease. Unhealthy eating and obesity are known to be number one. The misconception that only obese people develop heart diseases is not true completely. Many individuals that are not overweight but pile their bodies with the bad LDL also face different diseases related to the heart.


They say change is very important. And trust us, your heart agrees to this statement.

Theres no better way to improve the condition of your heart other than permanently changing your lifestyle. These changes might not be as huge but it is surprising how these small changes can improve the quality of your life. Doctors always suggest sticking to a healthy routine even to the patients who have undergone any heart-related surgery or are heart patients.

Below are some tips which can help you know the changes you should make to your routine and how to improve the health of your heart.

1- Keep a check on your blood pressure.

Do you know why hypertension or high blood pressure is linked to heart diseases? This is because an increase in the pressure of blood can cause damage to the walls of your arteries. This can cause scarring of the tissue present in the walls of arteries. The best solution for this as suggested by the doctors is to get the blood pressure checked on and off. Adoption of habits such as exercising, managing stress, eating whole grains and intaking proteins and lowering the amount of salt in your diet is considered as a key to improving this issue.

2- Change your sedentary lifestyle.

If your activity level during the day is little too sedentary, then you for sure need to change it. People that have an office job which includes very little movement, tend to face this issue.

Experts suggest that if you have a jampacked routine and cannot spend hours in the gym, simply follow a workout routine for about 30 minutes per day. It also helps reduce stress. Moreover, the time that you spent doing nothing should be utilized as much as it possibly can be.

3- Say NO to smoking.

Countless people fall prey to this deadly habit. And the condition seems to be getting out of hands. From teenagers to adults, the amount of people who smoke is increasing per year. Cigarette smoke is known to contain about 50 carcinogens which end up causing lung cancer, mouth cancer, and so much more. However, do you know that smoking also causes damage to the heart?

YES. The presence of nicotine is extremely dangerous for the heart. In addition to this, passive smoking is also considered very dangerous.

4- Eat nuts as a snack.

Instead of going for packet chips or cookies, try switching to nuts. Nuts are the healthiest snacks you can ever get yourself. Not only do they improve the hearts condition but also help with weight loss and prevents extra addition of calories.

5- Stay positive.

Stress tends to be one of the reasons for an unhealthy heart. The heart is not only affected by physical activities such as poor eating habits, but it is also impacted by mental health. High blood pressure might also be a result of depression and anger. Hence, it is always suggested for an individual to stay positive and be thankful for the good things in life.

6- Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

By healthy breakfast, we do not only mean a breakfast rich in calories but a breakfast which is highly nutritious. Kick start the day with fruits and whole grains. This will help you stay energetic throughout the day and also make your stay the best in health.

You can check your heart health using ASCVD calculator if you dont know how bad the heart health is and how much more do you need to take care of your cardiovascular system.

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