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January 26, 2014 at 8:45 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

That Sleepy Feeling

By Breana Ostrander More Blogs by This Author

I want to take a moment and talk to you all about something very near and dear to me: naps. It’s a Sunday afternoon, the lazy kind that comes cuddled in a blanket with a cup of chamomile tea. There’s been a steady stream of silly movies on TV that I’ve been dozing in and out of consciousness to, and it took a lot for me to sit up and begin typing. Fortunately, this act of sleepiness so familiar to me has inspired me (sort of). I love naps, so I’ve taken quite a few in my day. But there are a few that stick out and I would love to share them with you in the hopes that you too may be able to experience the joy that is napping.

The Hung-over Nap

Last summer on my study abroad a group of us traveled to Auckland for a weekend in the city. We’d been on islands with very little electricity or technological luxuries at all for the past several weeks, and a night out seemed like a novel idea to all of us. So we took a boat, a van, and a train, and eventually we ended up in our downtown hostel. The typical debauchery ensued, and the next morning we woke up groggy and grumpy. Two of my good friends and I decided to meander out to breakfast where I had some of the best waffles covered in blueberry compote that I’ve ever had and, after a solid forty minutes of lazily recounting the night before, we decided to head back to our hostel to nap. And this nap, let me tell you. Sharing the lower bunk of a twin-sized bed with my best friend I drifted into a finally-rehydrated-but-sugar-filled slumber to never be forgotten. The key to this nap in particular was that I woke up in the middle of it slightly too hot, but was able to move one leg out from under my sleeping bag and fall back asleep immediately. This immediate gratification combined with water combined with dreams of that amazing blueberry compote all combined into one magical Kiwi nap. I suggest taking the hung-over nap when you’re, well, hung-over. You’ll wake up refreshed, happy, and feel like you’ve never had so much energy at your disposal.

The Early Morning Nap

Have you ever had to wake up at a horribly early time, say 3 or 4AM, for something exciting? Maybe its driving to Cedar Point, going to the airport, or maybe, just maybe, I had to get up early to make it into a bar for my final St. Patrick’s Day as a college student. One of my roommates fell back asleep on the couch before we even left, another forgot their emergency flask on the 25-degree walk, and someone else required a bob-and-weave to avoid seeing someone they’d rather not interact with. We finally met up with the rest of our friends, waited in line outside a closed bar until 5AM, then dragged our frozen and wobbly selves into Ashley’s. Four hours later it wasn’t even 10 in the morning, but I was ready for a nap. Giggling and shivery we went back to the closest friends house and passed out for a solid two hours. Then, miraculously, we awoke and it was only time for lunch. This was maybe the happiest I’ve ever been when I woke up post nap. Not only had I already gone out with my best friends, but we now had practically an entire day to play with. The early morning nap is a special occasion nap, only to be used on road trips or after oddly early events. Having the entire day left makes it all worth it.

The Sleepy Weekend Nap

I’m something of a princess in regards to naps. I like to think myself of that, at least. This nap though, the sleepy weekend nap, I’m the queen of this nap. You want to nap on a Saturday, but also go to the farmer’s market? I can help you out there. Feel overly stressed about everything you need to do on a Sunday? I’ll teach you how to nap through it. In fact, just yesterday I was in the middle of making a list of things I needed to do throughout the weekend, one of which was hang out with my friends, and I fell right asleep. However, I fell asleep on the couch, just as my roommates were coming in and putting in a movie, so not only did I nap but I also scratched something off the list. If you’re interested in a midday weekend nap, I’m your girl.

So take a nap - you deserve it! Nap early in the morning after a workout. Nap Sunday afternoon post lunch. Fall asleep in the middle of the Super Bowl. Snooze while a kitten cuddles up to you. There are so many wonderful ways to nap, and only so much time to discover all of them. So I encourage you to simply nap. It’s one of the little things that you’ve been putting off for far too long.

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  • Not me, I love a nap on the weekend (when I get the chance). But I also love the weekend get up eat breakfast then go back to bed nap! It never lasts very long and it feels like you missed some of your day but it sure feels great!

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