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Leptin Resistance Treatment | Step by Step Guide!

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Tired of losing weight after eating so little and exercising? Have you been on a diet all your life but cant keep your weight off? Compared to your friends and family, do you eat like a bird, but dont lose weight like you used to? Are you eating less than ever, but are you still gaining weight?

What is Leptin Resistance?

You may have never heard of this hormone without knowing what it does in the body. Dont feel bad. Most doctors also know little or nothing about leptin. I was unaware of leptin a few years ago. Leptin is called the saturation hormone.

Connection with Insulin Resistance

With insulin resistance, the body ignores high levels of insulin and therefore requires more and more insulin to transfer sugar from the bloodstream to the cells for energy expenditure. Insulin leads to increased inflammation in the body, which worsens insulin resistance. High insulin levels require you to store the calories you consume as belly fat.

Connection with Hypothyroidism

When it comes to leptin resistance, the reverse level of T3 increases as your leptin levels increase and your metabolism slows down. This is the bodys normal compensatory response. The thyroid hormone is responsible for most of the metabolism in the body. As leptin levels increase leptin resistance, your basal metabolic rate decreases. A decrease in the metabolic rate signals the body to reverse T4 to reverse T3 and convert it into less active T3.

Signs and Symptoms of Leptin Resistance

A typical patient with leptin resistance will find it difficult to lose weight if he or she does not follow a very strict diet. Damage to their metabolism means that they have to follow a very high-calorie diet to maintain their weight. Even occasional cheating makes them worse.

Diagnosing Leptin Resistance

The only way to accurately diagnose leptin resistance is through laboratory work. You should ask your doctor specifically to order these tests. Keep in mind that he may not know what leptin is or may interpret the results. The gold standard for diagnosing leptin resistance is to check leptin levels in fasting serum. The level of leptin in your serum should be below 10-12. If you weigh at least 20 pounds and have serum leptin levels> 12, a diagnosis of leptin resistance can be made.

Leptin Resistance Treatment Guide

So now you have the lab tests you need. Based on these results and the symptoms you are experiencing, leptin resistance can be determined. So what to do? It is a very difficult condition to give back, but it can be done if you are fully committed. Most of the treatments will depend on you.

Improve Your Diet?

It is very important to change your diet to restore leptin resistance. Get rid of all processed foods and eat only natural foods. The American standard diet is full of processed foods that increase inflammation in the body. Inflammation increases leptin levels and only worsens the condition. Not only will changes in your diet bring your leptin levels back to normal, but if you dont change your diet, you will never be able to restore your leptin resistance. You can also use Leptin resistance Medicationto increase the levels.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Another popular but misconception is to eat a few small meals during the day to burn your metabolism. In the past, I was guilty of telling my patients that. In fact, eating a few small meals increases the amount of time our body spends processing calories. This leads to an increase in insulin levels, resulting in insulin resistance. If you eat bigger but less often, your body will spend more time without insulin, which makes it more sensitive to insulin and allows it to work more efficiently.

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