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Is it Safe to Continue Cosmetic Surgery During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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At times of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are currently stranded in their homes as governments implement lockdown measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. This has left many of us with spare time and taking a lot of time away from public areas.

But if you think that this would be an ideal time to consider booking an appointment for a chemical peel or breast reduction manchester based, you may want to second guess that. Cosmetic surgery has been considered a non-essential service which means practices have stopped trading and are no longer able to take in patients, yet it hasnt stopped patients continuing to inquire.

What would be the next steps if a surgery has already been scheduled?

Its very likely that many of you would have had scheduled appointments lined up. However, with surgery practices having to close down there would currently be no facilities to conduct the surgery.

The surgery that you booked the appointment with will provide further instructions about how they are dealing with the appointments that would have been arranged. Re-scheduling may be required as there are still vague instructions at the moment about when the lockdowns could be lifted.

Hidden dangers of plastic surgery during coronavirus

Patients would be putting themselves in increased danger by participating in surgery during the pandemic. The immune system can be vulnerable before and after surgery to ensure positive results can come from the surgery. This wouldnt be an ideal scenario to put a patient in during a pandemic outbreak.

Although a pandemic may seem like a good opportunity to recover from surgery without the pressure to return to work, the implications of putting a patient in a vulnerable state weigh this out. Many individuals that have coronavirus are also asymptomatic.

What about outpatient procedures - are they still possible?

It would be too risky to consider trying any form of outpatient procedures. The skin is one of the cornerstones to deflect invading organisms and protect our bodies. Treatment such as laser skin and chemical peel can damage the organ of the skin, breaking down the barrier and allowing these organisms to destroy our body.

No surgical procedures can be considered straightforward and all of them require healing and recovery time. Therefore, they shouldnt be conducted during a pandemic.

Final thoughts

The best advice you can take is making sure that you stay at home and save lives. If youre looking to have a procedure, the best thing is to research around it and then request an appointment once service resumes.

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