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How to Remove Lead from Your Commercial Property, Once and For All


If you manage a commercial property, you know how important it is to make sure the entire area is safe for you and your tenants. Lead is a common issue, particularly in homes built prior to 1980. If left untreated, lead can cause developmental issues in children, as well as seizures, coma, and death. In adults, lead has been associated with reduced intelligence, immune system suppression, and increased blood pressure.

No matter what kind of business is executed at the property you manage, the existence of lead is a danger to those who spend time there. Lead can show up in areas you’d never think to look, including your windows and window sills, fences, porches, exterior siding, door frames, strains, banisters, and railings. So what can you do?

For Everyone’s Sake, Abate

Abatement is the removal of lead, lead paint, and lead dust from your property. In order for this process to be carried out properly, you will need to contact a trained, experienced abatement professional. EP-certified teams are ready and able to provide the work you need to make your environment toxin-free. In this way, you not only benefit your tenants but avoid potential legal issues caused by medical issues that arose from contaminants in a space you manage.

Because you may not be aware of lead in your building, another excellent tip is to have your space assessed. Particularly if the property was built over 40 years ago, an assessment is well worth your time and effort.

What Is the Lead Abatement Process Like?

Lead abatement is an essential process that involves containment and decontamination of a structure or area, or both. This involves the following activities:

  • Removal of paint and disintegrating areas made with lead.

  • Specialized dust cleaning.

  • Encapsulation or enclosure of the contaminated zone.

  • Removal of lead-contaminated soil

An expert abatement team will have experience at containing and removing hazardous materials from your property so it remains safe and secure. Depending on the extent of contamination, the process can take a few hours or a few days. In either case, making sure your space is healthy and free of toxicity is one of the best choices you can make as a property manager.

If you suspect the presence of lead at a property you manage, act quickly. Skilled abatement specialists can help you clear your commercial space of chemical contaminants like lead to ensure that your tenants and their customers do not suffer from devastating health concerns as a result.

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