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July 16, 2019 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

How Penalty Points on your Licence can Affect the Cost of Taxi Insurance?

By Jena Lucas More Blogs by This Author

If you have newly renewed your license, for instance just 2 years before, you can even lose your license with six points or more. And if you are working as a taxi driver, you may lose the license that makes you unable to work as you have fewer penalty points on your record.

Penalty points can have a massive impact on your income, even if your taxi license is still valid. Having more points on your driving license declare you risky to the insurers. With a clean license, you can get cheaper taxi insurance quotes for the coverage you want to get for your vehicle.

Get Cheap Taxi Insurance Quotes with Penalty Points on Your Licence

As you are working as a taxi driver, so spending more hours on the road all day and often all night. As you are on the road for more time, chances to commit a traffic offence are increased probably. If you have been caught driving your vehicle speedily, a single 3-point fine will increase your taxi insurance but it will not severely affect your livelihood. A one-off fine does not make you a reckless driver, and insurance companies know that. So, if you have increased points on your driving license then taxi insurance companies consider this point. Majority of the insurers dont want to take the risk of insuring you, so they offer very high premiums to counteract that risk.

If youre a taxi driver with lots of penalty points, dont worry! You can get the best price possible for your taxi insurance by following the steps below;

Use A Specialist Taxi Insurer:

Go search for a specialist taxi insurer who is good in understanding the risks involved in your business and the sort of cover you might need. This way you can get a better price as well as a better deal, with the insurance cover specific to your needs. A specialist taxi insurer is aware of the special set of points that do not make you a bad driver.

Next, Shop Around:

Difficult insurance companies have varying criteria to calculate the risk, so you may get the same Taxi Insurance Quotes at very different prices. If you dont have much idea where to look, or would rather be out on the road earning, you are advised to get suggestions of a taxi insurance broker who can help you to get the right insurance cover.

Look for an insurance policy that exactly meets your requirements. This way you dont have to pay for anything you dont need. Visit Cubit Insurance to get more information.

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