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Hormonal Imbalance and Causes — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Hormonal Imbalance and Causes


A general overview

Hormones affect a person’s mood, process of ageing, abilities to heal and much more. An imbalance in the levels of the hormones in a person’s body can cause subtle psychological and physiological dysfunctions, which might also be sexual.

General causes of Hormonal Imbalance

A major cause of hormonal imbalance in our body is the presence of chemicals in our regular food, water and air intake. Environmental chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, plastics and other forms of poison enter our body through air water and food and replicate estrogen. These unwanted chemicals within our body produce a synthetic steroidal hormone, which interferes with the regular functioning of the endocrine system. The body reacts to this state thinking that there is an excess of estrogen and thus a hormonal imbalance is produced.

Hormonal imbalance in a Woman (in the premenopause state)

A woman often suffers from hormonal imbalance during the premenopause state. These in turn are themselves signs of some other form of imbalance in the body. This hormonal imbalance is due to the rise of a condition known as “Estrogen Dominance”. There are quite a few reasons of Estrogen Dominance.


If a woman is high on estrogenic food like poultry and meat products that have not been raised organically and thus have residues of drugs sand other hormones often cause estrogen dominance. Even grain that has been treated with pesticides can have similar effects. Again the hormones that are supplied to livestock to increase their egg or milk output can cause hormonal imbalance. This increased level of estrogen is the underlying cause of many of health problems of women.

Another reason of hormonal imbalance is the improper functioning of the liver. A liver that does not function properly is not able to get rid of the majority of the natural estrogens and estrogenic chemicals from the body which it is meant to. This leads into absorption of both the types of estrogen in the intestines once again due to which they spreads in the entire body through the blood stream. This causes unusual raise inn the levels of estrogen in the body, which can cause havoc.

Most of the women and even men are found to suffer from some degree of liver dysfunction around the age of 40. It is largely due to the presence of toxins in our regular intakes. If the detoxification system of the liver works properly then levels of estrogen drop down 10 days before bleeding starts. However, if the systems do not work properly then the uterine glands continue to undergo estrogen stimulation. This condition is further magnified by little produce of progesterone.

Women who suffer from premenopause state should always go under a test to detect the levels of estrogen in the body. This is due to fact that usually a woman is prescribed to be suffering from estrogen deficiency though it is the other way round. A supplementation of progesterone is also a way to bring back the hormonal balance. However, any kind of treatment for hormonal imbalance should be preceded and followed by regular tests.

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