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Healing Crystals You Should Use To Feel Like Yourself Again


The crazy times were living in today have understandably increased depression. COVID-19 lockdown making people feel isolated and the fear of losing employment are major culprits. It is hard to engage in things you love like dining out, going on vacation, or burning some stones at the gym. Even regular activities like shopping are now online or require wearing a mask before stepping out. the scary look at the sea of masks in public is equally depressing.

Fortunately, there is hope from Mother Nature in the form of healing crystals. These are powerful to help you go through the trying moment strong. To shed some light, here are some crystals to use to enhance your mood so you feel yourself again,

This anti-depressant crystal brings hope and empowers you to beat indecisiveness, fears, and helplessness. Bronzite also lessens chronic fatigue, restlessness, and tension. This stabilizing and grounding stone helps you feel in control and balanced. With this, you become free from insecurity, self-doubt, and having self-defeating ideas.

Bronzite is a stone of focused energy that aligns thoughts and actions, gives the courage to follow through, and enhances belief in you. Use this healing crystal to build emotional strength and to handle difficult moments while making smart decisions. The stone gives the inspiration to get looking for a spiritual store when looking for a peaceful mind backed by an objective perspective to forget judgment and realize the bigger picture.

Yellow quartz
The radiant stone offers energy from the sun. Yellow quartz is remarkable for beating depression with the ability to give more joy, vitality, and happiness. Using this healing stone makes you hold a positive outlook and changing life by manifesting your desire. This stone boosts life force to lessen symptoms of burnout.

Additionally, using this stone makes you see the world in more light with radiance and happiness. This makes you feel more vibrant and alive. Using yellow quartz clears the thoughts making them more decisive for its capacity to enhance cognitive ability. The best thing about using this stone is managing the seasonal affective disorder.

This wonderful companion when struggling emotionally has uplifting soothing energy to lift you out of depression. Using amethyst will melt away all your stress leaving you with a better mood. The healing stone is very cleansing transforming negative energy positive. This lifts away all emotional pain. Amethyst blankets your body with love instead of feeling empty. Apart from helping you beat depression, this healing stone enhances spiritual wellbeing. This stone vibrates with third eye chakra energy to make you tap into your intuition with guidance from heavenly realms.

Blue goldstone
This stone of confidence and ambition boosts courage and motivation. Using blue goldstone makes dreams come true. The healing stone works as a good luck charm to grant your wishes and desires. It boosts self-expression and discovery by introducing light in the darkness. This introduces new beginnings with intuition to explore them. Blue goldstone opens the mind, soothes, improves communication, and offers energizing energy.

This stone of motivation and endurance allows taking action with its motivating and empowering energy. The healing stone boosts energy and mental ability. Carnelian works for depression by allowing you to make positive changes. It has bold energy and warmth that lessens anxiety, encourages courage and passion, and eliminates fatigue.

Using carnelian allows noticing things falling into place more easily. This healing stone works as a good luck charm for prosperity, success, and resources. The stone offers protection from internal or external resentment, anger, and abuse. Its rejuvenating force allows moving forward in life.

A transition stone, lepidolite allows embracing change and transformation to improve your life confidently. The stone enhances awareness by restructuring old patterns into new ones that suit your situation.

This is from the ability of the stone to align your chakras and spiritual growth. Additionally, this healing stone lessens fear to allow you to adapt and evolve better while becoming depression-free. Lepidolite has lithium, which reduces anxiety to transform sadness into happiness and to avoid addictions.

Rutilated quartz
The extremely uplifting healing stone introduces joyfulness and lightness. Rutilated quartz has cleansing energy that balances chakra. This heals the soul and amplifies the healing power of other crystals. The stone makes you avoid feeling stuck by motivating you to what is necessary.

With the energy that works like a guardian angel, rutilated quartz allows making good decisions and allows solving problems with intuition. Using this healing crystal boosts emotional healing and awakens the spirit. This allows a better understanding of inner goals to allow reaching full potential.

One of the happiest crystals on earth, citrine has joyful energy that uplifts you out of sadness, bad mood, and numbness that come when depressed. Citrine absorbs negative energy replacing it with positive energy to give you a radiant glow and sunny disposition. Additionally, this healing crystal offers physical energy to allow embracing the present moment with focus, positivity, and self-confidence.

Bottom line
Life with depression amid trying situations is a very hard situation. Fortunately, you can use the natural powers of the earth embedded in healing crystals to turn your life around.

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